Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition – PlayStation 4 Complete Edition

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Become a professional monster slayer and embark on an adventure of epic proportions. Upon its release, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt became an instant classic, claiming over 250 Game of the Year awards. Now you can enjoy this huge, over 100 hour long, open world adventure along with both its story driven expansions worth an extra 50 hours of gameplay. This edition includes all additional content new weapons, armor, companion outfits, new game mode and side quests. The most awarded game of 2015. Become a monster slayer for hire and embark on an epic journey to track down the child of prophecy, a living weapon capable of untold destruction. INCLUDES ALL EXPANSIONS AND ADDITIONAL CONTENT.

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This game is slowly destroying my marriage but boy is it worth it.
As I’ve become older, I’ve in turn noticed the growth of my bald spot and the waning of my once bountiful, free-time to play video games. In response, I’ve become picky about what games I invest that extra time into. The Witcher had caught my eye, but I was doubtful of its ability. I was a fool.The Witcher 3 is an experience. It doesn’t feel like just a game. I don’t look back on the many hours I spent playing with regret, which is something I’ve felt with plenty of others - such as COD Zombies and solitaire… After completing the base game, I couldn’t decide whether or not I had just finished one of the greatest games I’ve yet played. It wasn’t until I finished the DLC, Hearts of Stone, that the answer became obvious.I’ve heard some compare The Witcher to Skyrim, which is probably due to the fantastical land and scattered quests that lie within. The truth is, The Witcher is far different, but luckily in the best ways. The fantasy aspect is dark, bloody and completely unforgiving. CD Projekt Red really refused to hold back with just how gruesome (and sexual) this game can get. I think the storyline in Crookback Bog is an excellent example, with it’s twisted fairy tale vibe. On top of this, all of the quests you encounter are unique. I was shocked when I began to realize that most of the quests I was coming across were not a part of the main quest. Nearly every conversation, battle, investigation, and area encountered, is made with the same attentiveness to detail and quality as is the main story. I became entirely engaged and invested in the world presented. Every time a new quest was introduced, I knew I was in for something great.Another one of my favorite aspects of the game that I just have to mention would be the humor As twisted and dark as it can become, it will in turn become just as hilarious. Surprisingly, this became more apparent towards the end of the main story and especially in the DLC’s. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a lot of fun with the dry, emotionless voice Geralt possesses. There were actually moments that easily mark themselves as the funniest I’ve encountered in a video game. It honestly may be the only game I’ve played that’s given me a good belly laugh (get the most out of your evening with Esker and Lambert)!To create good comedy, you have to have good characters. And this is something the game does magnificently. I LOVED the characters! I’m especially impressed with how they all develop as you progress through the game with them. I’ll admit, there were several I did not like at first. And there was one character who I thought was a complete jackass. But alas, by the end almost every one of them grew on me; that is if I didn’t like them already. And of course, Geralt is fantastic as well! And thank heavens, since you’re forced to play as him! Luckily, I’d rather play no one else. His character is very rugged, but rich. He’s unafraid to slaughter those in his path, while also having the depth to defend those trodden on below.Here’s an example: There’s a point in the game where you come across a group of peasants who are preparing to lynch a passing man simply because he’s come from the opposing land whom they’re at war with. You can either choose to save him and kill the peasants, or you can mind your own business. I chose to save the man, killing the others. When the man thanks you, Geralt responds (paraphrasing here), “If I hadn’t helped, only one man would have died this day.” That’s some awesome insight, Geralt!Wow, I could go on forever. Well, I’ve talked long enough - and I haven’t even started on Gwent. I guess what I’m trying to say is you won’t regret buying this game. I mean, you’re easily getting 200 hours of top notch gameplay when including the DLC’s. And don’t forget the nearly one hundred unique monsters you’ll face! Or the epic GOTY worthy soundtrack! It’s clear the developers are passionate about creating a memorable experience when playing their content and they’ve shown every reason as to why we gamers should support them. Praise Geraldo!
I hated pretty much everything about this game. I hated trying to find a goat in the woods, I hated doing errands for a bastard baron that I would have rather killed. I hated dying while getting off my horse.Its been a few months since I gave the game away, but its still on my mind, I've never hated a game so much. My memory will be a little fuzzy, but I will list a few reasons below. Afterwards I will list some games I liked, so if you have similar taste in games, you may save yourself from a bad purchase.Major issues:- Controls feel horrible and mushy even with the alternative mode turned on. Feels very imprecise. This issue alone would have been very difficult for me to get past.- Inventory is awful, very difficulty to read and navigate. There are way too many items and its unclear how to get them, and you need many of them early on for side-quests. In this type of game you spent a lot of time in the inventory screens...this was by far the worst I've ever seen.- Combat is only difficult because the controls are terrible. Combat is horrible.- Skill tree is confusing, If I enjoyed the other parts of the game I could have gotten past this though.- Quick travel is awful. Traveling the world is a huge part of games like this... It needs to be fun. It was not.Minor issues:- Dialog choices are lacking, you are forced to be nice to everyone (at least as far as I got) baron character beat his wife while she was pregnant... I do not want to help him.. yet i have to... repeatedly.- I'm fairly sure people would not treat a mutated super human monster hunter the way they do in this game.. It's stupid.- The scene with Ciri racing to win a horse is really, really stupid. I also don't buy that some random monster in the woods could have injured her, shes like a super saiyan(mega OP).- Gwent is stupidPS4 Games I played recently that I didn't hate:Loved: I did everything there was to do and wish there was more.Horizon Zero Dawn - This game does everything better than Witcher 3, and it doesn't have unnecessary nudity.The only other games I have loved this much were Final Fantasy VII, Last of Us, and Zone of Enders.Kinda loved: Enjoyed, but not enough to shoot for platinum.Bloodborne - Really hard until you learn how to not suck, controls are awesome, combat is very satisfying. I wouldn't play it again, but I am glad I finished it.NieR Automata - Fun with an interesting story. B2 is way too attractive, don't self destruct, just don't do it.Titanfall 2- Short, but man was it fun. Platforming + FPS + Giant robots = yes please.Liked: MehRachet and Clack- eh... it was fun. More than I can say for the Witcher 3.2 Stars because you can tell a lot of work was put into it and the overall story is probably cool, I just couldn't stomach playing it for another second.

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