WHITE MOUNTAIN Shoes ‘Holland’ Women’s Sandal – $22.48

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Holland leather footbed sandal features 2 adjustable buckle straps as well as 2 braided straps to keep your foot secure. Slide into the White Mountain signature comfort molded suedette footbed, lined with a soft breathable suedette lining. Lightweight cork bottom has rubber tread and flexes with every step. Heel height 1".

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I love these sandals! They are some comfy and made very well, strong leather and I love the braided. Just as good as Burkys and half the cost. I see these lasting a few years! I’ll be wearing these all summer and on Friday casual day at work!
These shoes. Are. It. If you don’t want to read it all, I am a true size 8 and the 8 fit perfectly and I love these shoes.Let me start by saying that I honestly thought that people who wore footbed style shoes really liked wearing ugly shoes. It didn’t make sense to me. It still kind of doesn’t.But when my family and I planned a trip to Disneyland in August, I knew I didn’t want to have to wear close toed shoes with socks all day. So I expanded my horizons and started looking for footbed knockoffs (remember, I thought they were ugly, I wasn’t about to pay a crazy price for them).I found these and felt like the reviews were the most promising so I ordered them about a month before my trip. I wore them on and off during that month and while they were comfortable, I still didn’t get it.And then I wore them to Disneyland. I wore them ALL DAY to Disneyland. We go often as a family so I’m well aware of what a full day can look like, but let me tell you - my feet did not hurt at all. Around lunch time my party started complaining about sore feet and fallen arches. NOT ME. After standing and watching fireworks and a parade my family members were stiff and limping. NOT ME. 30k steps at Disneyland with no aching feet, no body or joint pain, no blisters, no cramped feet, and no complaints.I don’t know if you are a 30k steps in a day kind of person, but even if you are not - these shoes are amazing and I don’t know if I’ll ever wear anything else to Disneyland again.I ordered the black colored pair and some of the color did rub off on my feet the first few times I wore them. Not a huge issue to me, but I felt I should mention it. Also, as far as footbed sandals go these are pretty unique and I get a lot of compliments on them. Well done, White Mountain!
I had previously ordered the Carly sandal from White Mountain here on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised. I've loved those shoes for about a year. But they were brown, and I wanted something in black. In the past, when I wore brand-name cork-bed sandals, I preferred ones without a strap between the toes, so I tried this, and I believe I ordered the same size as the Carly.While the straps were a bit tight at first, they quickly loosened up, so I was glad i could tighten the buckle straps. The straps have good holes in them, too. But it turns out, this foot bed is not as shaped as the previous slip-on sandals I've owned, so without the toe strap, they are a little hard to keep on my foot. I'm slightly disappointed, and probably should've bought a black sandal with a toe strap, after all. I also didnt love the color of the foot bed, which is darker than my other White Mt sandal. But they are decent for the price, and the only black sandals I have, so I'm keeping them.

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