VeGue USB Microphone Kit Condenser Computer PC Recording Mic Kit VG016 for Game, Stream, Podcast, Recording Music, Voice Over 192KHz/24BIT

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VeGue -- USB Microphone Kit VG-016 192KHZ/24BIT USB Microphone Kit Plug & Play - With high-quality sound chip set, which makes the USB microphone get a great performance. With a good cardioid polar pickup pattern, high output and low self-noise function. It is suitable especially for studios,...

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Great boom mic system, with an excellent mic.Light weight, and highly portable, it is an invaluable tool for musicians or podcasters alike.The range on the mic is top notch. It works equally well with my vocals as a speaker and singing, and also works great for acoustic guitars, as well as mic‘Ing am amp.
Great microphone, it's really good at deleting the background noise, I like how easy it is to set up almost anywhere and is pretty flexible to move!! I feel like a professional rapper just with this thing!😂🤣
 As a marketer i am constantly speaking to clients via phone, zoom, skype, etc. I needed a new microphone but one that was affordable yet crystal clear. My colleagues and clients all are telling me that i sound very clear amd sounds like im on the radio.

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