Universal Metal Plates with 3M Adhesive for All Magnetic Car Mounts, Cell Phone, Tablet Holder, Cradle-Less, Air Vent Mount, 6 Rectangular, 6 Round, Black – $6.99

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Engineered with 3M Adhesive for long lasting and stable hold, these plates set your phone on the car mount easier and securer so you can go hands-free even on the bumpiest of roads.; Features smooth edges that won't scrape your hands and are designed for one hand mounting and strong magnetic hold.; Installs and removes in a snap and will not leave any sticky residue on your phone or phone's case.; Paper thin plates, that leave no detectable bulk to the phone or phone case. Perfect replacement for magnetic car mount kits.; 12-Pack set includes 6 Rectangular and 6 Round Plates giving you enough options to use with bigger or smaller devices.

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And I put soem fairly decent effort into finding these at a price I felt was the best deal. They are seemingly thinner than the original plates that come with Wyze cameras; my intended use. I feel they are marginally less conductive to magnetic bonding than what is originally sent with the cameras. The pack I bought contained several and that allows me to have several options for placement. I see no reason to buy from anywhere else if you need a plate for magnetically mounted 'whatever'
Work great!! Used them to attach magnetic rods to my back door for a curtain. Very strong.
It's 3M adhesive so if you are familiar, you know it works. It possibly works too well, I had my phone pop out of it's case which the magnet is attached to. The magnets and adhesion could not be better. Great value, I don't know what to do with all of the extra magnets I have. When detaching two magnetized devices from each other, I prefer to slide them off of each other than pull apart. Try it and you will see why.

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