TYR Men’s Durafast Elite Solid Racer Swim Suit – $26.24

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  • 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • The Durafast Elite Solid Racer features Durafast Elite, TYR's most advance performance and training fabric.
  • The Package Height of the product is 2.79 Centimeters
  • The Package Length of the product is 15.49 Centimeters
  • The Package Width of the product is 11.94 Centimeters

User reviews

I'm a TYR fan. That said, I have bought other cheepos.The GoodI have had this suit in size 28 for some months now. I swim four days a week for at least an hour. Wears like iron as they say. Looks like new. Coverage, check. Relatively snug - okayish.The BadCan never be an comfortable as lycra. Personally I was expecting a tighter fit as I prefer but it is not fully lined so that is why.Other thoughtsI always cut the liner out of suits if there is only a front liner present. This makes them fit more comfortable as the fabric is now a uniform i.e. one layer right through unlined or lined fully. I choose dark colours so nothing is visible. Because this suit is more poly based, you can sit on the edge of the pool or anywhere with a relatively low risk of pillage. Interestingly, the somewhat rough texture keeps my bits in place nearly eliminating a need for readjusting.I am moving more and more towards narrow sides i.e. 2" or less for comfort and freedom of movement so this might end up being a backup.If you have to get one suit that is going to take punishment and you are not into 'euro' briefs, get this suit.
I'm a masters swimmer with (apparently) wide thighs. Jammer-style workout suits always pull down on the waist for me, giving me plumber's butt. I've always liked TYR brief-sytle suits because I feel like they cut the leg hole higher in the front so it's easier to bend at the hip, without giving up the butt coverage in the back.I'm not interested in making a fashion statement. I used to wear the nylon suits that faded in the chlorine to that puce/purple color. They didn't stretch, and they weren't that comfy, but they lasted forever!I tried a TYR long lasting suit a year or two ago and the material held up well, but it had a side panel of color, and it was the thread holding the panels together that failed.So I got this solid suit. I guess it's polyester. It stretches better than the nylon suits, so it's more comfy. I've only been using it for the past couple weeks, but the material feels really solid. I'll update if it doesn't hold up.
El mejor bañador que he comprado,es muy cómodo,solo como tip para comprarlo,hay que tomar de referencia la talla de tu bañador actual yo soy talla de bañador 36 por eso me pedí la talla 38 y me quedo perfecto.Ya solo deseo que pueda volver a nadar ya que pasen estás fiestas.

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