TSLA 1, 2 or 3 Pack Mens Compression Pants Running Tights Workout Leggings, Cool Dry Performance Boosting Baselayer – $11.98

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Mens compression pants geared for all weather and seasons (Releases heat and wicks moisture with a cool dry effect); TSLA workout leggings are made out of Polyester & Spandex. Versatile Baselayer for a variety of sports such as running, yoga, baseball, basketball, soccer, football, bjj, at the...

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Awesome love it , and it doesn't have the awkward sew in the middle. High waisted and breathable . I bought medium I'm 5ft5 180lbs n fits perfectly . It doesn't slide down either
I've purchased several of these compression pants: several pairs of black, black and red, blue camo, and green camo. I've had most all of the pairs about a year now besides the two I recently purchased. I wear them daily, regardless of whether or not I'm working out that day because I ride a motorcycle and I like to have a second layer of "skin" between myself and my jeans. Plus, in the winters, they help against the wind while I'm riding.As a base layer, I can tell you that in the winter it does help against the cold. I would say that they may not help as much as compression pants designed for cool weather but it's much better than not having them I can assure you of that.As compression pants designed for working out, wicking moisture, and keeping you cool, these pants will not fail you. I live in Arizona where, 5 months out of the year, the average is 100+ degrees on a monthly basis. June and July are the worst; the heat is 115-120 degrees on some days. When you wear these compression pants in the heat, it will feel a lot like running/jogging/exercising without any pants on at all (strange to say but it's true). In fact, I'm not sure how the technology itself works but I know that while I'm running, the wind passes through to my skin and it actually feels cool even though it's hot enough to bake cookies in my car using only my windshield and front dash (true story). So as far as wicking moisture goes, these pants will definitely keep you cool.As far as quality and durability goes, out of my 6 black pairs, all of them have their original shine that you see when they first arrive. None of them have a dull exterior. One of them, probably through my own mishandling has a small hole on the side of the pants but other than that, all of them are in the same exact condition as when I first received them. They've held up from the wear and tear of every day use, and I wash all pairs at the end of the week, so I couldn't be more pleased with this product especially given the more than reasonable price for a quality and durability that has lasted me four times as long as I had expected.As for style, yes every pair of these compression pants does get looks. I've even purchased some of the corresponding tops because I couldn't be without a matching set when it came to some of the colors.Some things to keep in mind. I did feel like these sizes were slightly smaller than I would traditionally expected from the size labeled. Although I could wear them just fine, ordering a size up seemed to resolve the issue. Again, not a deal breaker, but I don't want them to be so tight on my legs that it's uncomfortable to work out. When you wash some of them, if the stitching is cotton, try not to mix them with anything that would leave those little lint balls on them. I made the mistake of accidentally washing a towel in a load that had my compression pants and I spent most of the day pulling those lint-like fuzzies out of the stitching in the compression pants.
Fit very well. Look good. I can tell that they wont last long or stand up well to tearing because the material is so thin. For the price, its worth buying. Id buy them again.

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