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Play a nearly limitless number of side scrolling Super Mario courses anytime, anywhere; Start with the 100+ built in courses in the single player Story Mode, a new Mario adventure that unleashes the creative potential of Super Mario Maker 2; Break the rules as you use a wide range of parts,...

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Even if you pay full price for the game it still requires a monthly subscription to the Nintendo online services to fully function, kind of lame otherwise the game is great
First thing to note is that if you don't have Nintendo Online subscription, some features will be inaccessible to you: Share and play user created levels.This game has more tools to make your own Mario 2d levels. Some features are omitted from previous game, but overall experience is better. There's a new Super Mario 3D World theme that can be accessed; opening up more possibilities, and this version includes local and online multi player.Let's go over some of the games' features:1. Story Mode:Beat levels to restore Peach's castle.Similar setup to the 3DS version of the game100+ original levels made by NintendoLevels are made by developers of the game, and is really creativeThese levels give you great ideas to make your own levels2. Yamamura's DojoIn depth tutorial mode to build levels.When creating levels, better to use capacitive stylist than your fingersBest to create levels in handheld mode. TV mode can be more tedious especially when inserting multiple objects in quick secession3. New objects:A. Create slopesCan now create slops. Original game was all flatAlso make slops with conveyor beltIn Super Mario Bros theme; small Mario now has a crouching sprite, but cannot actually slide down the slopesB. On/off switchSwap red/Blue blocksChange tracksMake conveyor belts change directionsC. Angry SunCan insert Angry Sun into your level.Will follow and attack you while playing through levelD. Snake blockCan setup trajectory of moving blockE. See SawsAdd to play around with balanceF. Swinging clawGrab and swing to get to new destinationG. Dry Bone ShellUse as pants like the boot power up. immune to lavacan play dead.H. Large coins.Insert large coins worth 10, 30 or 50 coinsI. New sound effectsJ. Twister.Give you a vertical boostK. IcicleWill drop from wall once near.L. ParachutesAttach to enemy or item. Watch them fall slowly overtimeM. MoonUnlike angry sun that make you lose a life; if you grab the moon it'll clear the screen of enemiesN. Blinking blocksSet timer before blocks disappear4. Custom ScrollCan adjust speed, trajectory and movementCan create vertical sub areasCreate scroll stops to make secret rooms5. Level ThemesAirship, Castle, Desert, Forest, Ground, Ghost house, Snow, Underground, underwater (can adjust water level)Day and night themeNight theme makes original theme have different properties. Example:Ground theme: Goombas FloatForest: rising water turns into rising poisonSky theme will have low gravityDesert theme will have sandstorms.Underground, level will turn upside downGhost house has limited light around youSnow has ice physics on groundAble to change graphics, can swap between Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World themes6. OnlineNeed Nintendo Online Membership to play onlineGo to course world to browse other's users creationsBrowse by popular courses. If anything like old game, popular youtube, twitch users will show up top and not much creative levels in the long run will show up top. which is super lame.There's a like (I like it!) and dislike (Boo!) button. Hopefully this solves the issueAble to search by tag: Puzzle solving, auto scroll levels, short and sweet, speed run, etc.Endless challenge mode. A mode where you keep playing random custom user created content until you lose all your lives or exit out. This mode has a leader boardAble to play multiplayer with others in same level in cooperative or competitive settingIf you play competitively, you get a versus rating (ranked)Still have to input Maker ID to view friends' levelsCan download courses and play offline when not at home or at location with no wifi.7. Online Maker ProfileCreate your own mii-like character/avatar.Get shirts and hats by completing various objectivesMaker points. Get points if people like your levels. Again popular online streamers get advantage here which is unfair to other players as it's hard to get noticed.8. Co-op play:Can play levels together (local only). Cannot play online with friends (unless you get a lucky match-up). Heard Nintendo is going to patch this in later, but as of this review you're not able to play with friends online.Able to build levels cooperativelyWireless nearby play. Able to play with 3 other Switch consoles9. Set winning conditionsExample: collect all coins, defeat all enemies, finish level with power up, finish level but must defeat certain amount of a specific enemy, etc10. Mario 3D world game styleMore options than traditional level builder like climbing walls as cat Mario, insert clear pipes, use warp boxes, ride in koopa troppa car, banzi bill can fly toward screen, new enemies, do flips, etcCannot toggle through Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario World when in this mode. If you try to toggle through in create mode, it will erase all dataSome items/options not available in this style vs the others. Have to memories what works and what doesn't when creating11. The title screen no longer contains hidden Easter eggs in it.12. No longer have The Gnat Attack (fly swatting) minigame13. No longer have shaking functionality, but can tap and have pop up menu on items/enemies without going into sub menu14. New music themes15. Cannot record sounds since the Nintendo Switch doesn't have a mic16. No amiibo costumes17. No pipe stacking18. Course ID shortened to 9 characters19. Able to see would record time completion for each level in pause menu20+. If you notice anything i didn't, or if there's a patch update for new features; please put it in the commentsOverall, very fun game for those who are creative or want to play creative 2D Mario levels. Nintendo Online membership required to get the most out of the game
I'll pour Pasta Fazool all over my face if you don't end up enjoying this game. It's worth it for the 100 pre-made levels alone! My wife is getting tired of hearing trite Italian phrases out of my mouth every several seconds while playing this game though, so use those sparingly is my advice. AYYYYY IM WALKIN' EEERE

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