Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Solid USA Adult – $18.90

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  • 50% polyester, 50% PBT
  • Drawstring closure
  • Our longest-lasting and best-selling Endurance+ fabric is ultra-chlorine resistant and designed to last 20 times longer than conventional swimwear fabrics
  • Four-way stretch technology providing a body-hugging fit, great shape retention and soft comfort
  • Lightweight and quick drying - resists sagging, bagging, fading and snagging
  • Low moisture absorption and quick drying
  • Front gusset
  • Inner drawcord at waist for secure fit
  • Jammer styling offers more coverage to the legs

User reviews

I just got size 36, which seems to fit pretty well on me. I chose 36 based on what other reviewers say (sizing up). I normally wear 32 to 34-inch (M) shorts/pants. What you really need to know the size numbers that Speedo uses is NOT waist sizes in inches. I confirmed with Speedo that those are just numbers to identify different sizes. For example, according to the sizing chart, Size 36 should be waist 38 inches. What I received (36), however, is definitely NOT 38 inches because 38 inches would be way too big for me.Now, here is the problem. The sizing chart says Size 36 is XL. But the box that I received says 36 and M. I assume M stands for Medium because that's what I normally wear. In fact, the sizing chart says size 32 is M (waist 34).I have no idea what sizing information that we should rely on. Since I normally wear 32-34 inch waist and Size 36 fits well, I would say the rule of thumb is to add 2 or 4 to your waist size and use that number as your size. I would go higher than lower.Both Speedo and Amazon should work together to sort out these sizing and sizing chart inconsistencies. They shouldn't leave potential customers wondering what sizes they should get. The swim wear looks nice, and I would give 4 or 5 stars for the product. But I give it a still generous 3 stars because of the poor sizing information.
They fit well and do a great job of pushing my fat up into a muffin-top. Let me address the real reason you are reading this: they hide your junk pretty well. Unless you are packing some serious heat all downtown business will look the same in these and the black color makes outlines of your pea-shooter or magnum invisible.
I'm a big fan. I purchase this set as my second pair of jammers ever as I've never worn anything like them. I've been getting into swimming over the past two months and swim 3 days a week for 30-45mins in chlorine pools both indoor and outdoor. The first pair of Jammers I purchased were just to see if I could handle the suit style and how much difference they made over traditional shorts - if you're new to swimming for training or racing, they are worth it, the full range of motion and low-drag are great if you're serious about what you're doing at all. That first pair I bought were colorful, off-brand, and relatively poor material. By comparison (and I'm not normally a name brand shopper at all) this Speedo Jammer has won my favor because they-dry significantly faster than the inexpensive (cost about 2/3ds as much) pair-remain durable throughout use so I don't feel like they're going to be pilling or falling apart as I peel them off or rinse them in the shower-these look better, the universally usable matte-black is a good look for a serious guy swimmer in a training or military environment as opposed to colorful things, these don't bunch up, and the lining in the front is minimal to keep your full range of movement and not wad up but provides the level of modesty I look for. The tie-off laces are on the inside to minimize drag.-They don't feel heavy, I don't feel these things picking up and holding onto a bunch of water like my inexpensive ones do.In sum, I'd recommend these or something very similar to my swimming buds without reservation and plan to use them through training and into competition. If you have questions let me know!

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