Skechers Cali Meditation Rock Crown Women’s Sandal

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Skechers Cali Women's Meditation-Rock Crown Flat Sandal

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I wear the Sanuk brand yoga mat with the material that straps around your feet and love the comfort but live in AZ and they are just too hot. Also I’m a hair stylist and hair sticks to them. THESE were exactly what I was looking for, comfort, cute and stylish. When I first got them they were slightly tight and uncomfortable on top of my foot but after a couple weeks wear- they stretched a bit and are perfect. I wore them at an amusement park for a day and had no Problem- also wear them working 8hr day standing. I got gray and didn’t regret the color, goes with everything. Probably going to get the white pair next 💕 good luck
These actually look so much nicer on than they appear in the photo. I was worried that the beadwork would be too much but it’s quite nice.In my opinion, your best bet for fit would be to size up a half of a size or even a whole size (as I did). My “usual” size caused the elastic strap to really dig in to my heel plus push my foot forward so the toe separator really dug in between my toes. After just 15 minutes of wear around my house I had an indent on my heel and had I worn them much longer would have had skin breakdown between my toes. I also feel the foot bed runs a bit small as my pinky toes hung over the side a bit but that may be because the back strap pushed my foot so far forward rather than being able to be closer to the back.I sized up one whole size and those fit fine and are quite cute. I get a lot of compliments on them and they support my extremely high arch very well which is usually my biggest problem with any sandal.
Love these!! I’ve worn several times. They fit great, are true to size, and are incredibly comfy!! They can be casual or even worn to work with leggings.

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