Scensibles Personal Disposal Bags for Sanitary Pads and Tampons

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LITTLE BAG, LOTS OF CONFIDENCE!! Tampon, sanitary pad and panty liner disposal bags. Pink on pink bag for clean, easy discreet disposal of menstrual care items. Trouble free alternative to flushing- insert product, tie, toss into waste bin. The sanitary solution you need- anytime, anywhere. Totally conceal all feminine care products including personal care wipes! Award winning, decorative package. Perfect for home or on the go!

User reviews

I've ordered these 3-times now over the last year and a half, and they are fantastic; and whether you're on city sewer or septic... nothing other than 'toilet' paper' should be flushed down the toilet. NO: baby wipes, feminine products including panty liners, male protection products, paper towels, etc., as these can create costly problems for either city sewer or septic.And, as for these being priced a little higher than some other privacy bags, I really don't think so. I looked last year and took another look recently before placing my last order of 'Scensibles', and in my honest opinion these are more than fairly priced compared to so many others.I love the sweet pattern with it's little dispenser which is so handy. The gentle fragrance is a lovely pleasant scent and not over whelming. The tie ends are so easy to tie off/closing for that added privacy. One 50-count box last for many months, however I do order extras just because I don't want to run out of them. Right now, I may have 5 extra boxes and I am just fine with that. Again, I highly recommend these nice privacy bags..I even keep one box in our hallway guest bathroom in a wicker basket right on edge of tub for easy reach, which can easily be moved the bathroom side table when showers or baths happen.Lastly, as a Prime Member, I surely wouldn't mind if these were also sold with Prime; but we can't have everything, can we?PS: I only posted 3 photos: 1. closed basket on green counter, 2. opened basket w/note, 3. basket on edge of white bath-Shower combo.I can't figure out how my 3 photos got mixed in with some other persons photos. My review only contains these three photo, hopefully Amazon can correct this for me.
Close to perfect for a sanitary disposal bag. I just wish they were 100% opaque. I think that sanitation and cleanliness are two big goals with this product and it achieves both. But I also think privacy is another huge desire for women seeking a product like this. It surprises me that this wasn't accounted for completely. Just make the bags 100% opaque. I think it's safe to say that we know for a fact that we don't want to see what is inside!
I discovered these delightful bags, while on vacation in San Francisco. We were on the ferry crossing San Francisco Bay. I must admit that.I stole a box. I've been using urinary pads, since my knee surgeries. These pads are excellent for them. It eliminates the used pad odors. They are simple to use, turn them inside out. Place the rolled up pad on the end, grab the tabs and pull them up over the pad, then tie it shut. Put in a trash can. No suggestion that such a thing is in the trash. Take a few of the bags in your wallet or small purse. No one knows you are having to use the urinary pad or that you are on your period.

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