Samsung Galaxy A50 US Version Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 64GB Memory, 6.4″ Screen, Black, [SM-A505UZKNXAA] – $299.99

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Deal Score+3
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Unlocked smartphone.

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The one star is simply because this phone did not work on Verizon despite the description saying that it is "compatible with most major U.S. GSM and CDMA Networks." I spent 1.5 hrs chatting with Verizon and could not get the phone to work despite saying that it was on their network. I returned that phone for a replacement and the 2nd phone also would not make or receive calls.
No complaints about the phone, but for some reason, ATT will not recognize it. After three days and five visits to various ATT service centers, I am returning it. Also, there is no help from the Amazon support folks. In fact, both sides directed me to the other for the solution. Not sure about the other carriers.
I don't write many reviews, but since this phone is new to the US market, I thought I would throw my two cents in. I have only had two smartphones since 2016, yep I was a big hold out, and they were both cheap BLU phones, so I don't have much to compare this to. It's more phone than I need, and it's a great phone so far, except for one thing. It has no LED notification light. I didn't know this when I bought it, and I'm struggling. The reason I decided to replace my year and a half old phone is that the notification light constantly flashed for no known reason. I always have sound off, and I'm not always right near my phone, so it's annoying thinking I missed a call or text and checking my phone, I realize it's just a glitch. This phone doesn't tell me I missed a call or message unless I check it. I think that's better, but only slightly. Some people will not be bothered by this, but I only realized this after I bought it, even after reading many reviews. The fingerprint sensor is ok, fails sometimes, and I have no screen protector, but it might fail more often with one. You can use the PIN option as well. It takes pretty good pictures, but again, I can only compare with not so great phones. I thought I would be wowed by this phone after reading all the reviews and coming from a true budget phone, but I'm just on the fence. So essentially my two cents is do a lot of research and make sure this, or any phone, has the features you want, because while this phone is new to the US market and is getting rave reviews, there might be a better phone out there even cheaper.

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