Rael 100% Organic Cotton Menstrual Regular Pads, Ultra Thin Natural Sanitary Napkins with Wings (56 Total), Pack of 4

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  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 6 inches ; 15.2 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • UPC: 755464993268
  • Item model number: RAEL-RG-04-V


Rael is real, join us as we welcome everyone to use real products with real organic ingredients that show real results with no walls attached. Light. Easy. Breezy. Comfortable. The absorbent inner core maximizes absorption & its leak proof border prevents any side leakages. They will keep you feeling fresh & worry free on days where comfort and convenience is all you think about. Let's think long run cause no one likes chemical exposures permeating their body. Rael pads are real organic cotton without any toxic ingredients. We make it easy, simple & healthy. Period. We don't do mass production so we can ensure the quality of our products by keeping them up to date & not storing them in warehouses for an extended period of time. We are the way, the truth & the accessible. Safely grown without the USAge of toxic pesticides and synthetic chemicals. Softer and easier on the skin. Individually wrapped to keep hygiene. It serves and promotes climate-friendly farming worldwide. We are happy to provide the best quality of certificated organic cotton by creating a safe working environment, decent living wages & improved livelihood. It is durable and prevents any leakages and at the same time locks in the natural moisture. Reliable even during your heaviest flow, protective adhesive wings to give you maximum safety and comfort. Without a drop, sleep comfortably knowing those leak proof borders & absorbent inner core will prevent any leakages. Prevents unpleasant odor from seeping through. Breathable without any leakages. Non-irritating formula, great for sensitive skin. These light weight absorbent pads are made from 100% organic cotton. It's so soft and breathable you'll probably forget it's even there . This is why we are more than confident about our products. Consider your exposure to chemical plastic cover or non-woven fabrics over the course of your lifetime. Let's think long run cause no one likes chemical exposures permeating their body.

User reviews

I have been using this product for 4-5 months now. I didnt wanna write a review until i was sure about how good or bad it was.First of all, the cotton is very soft in Rael which is a deal breaker for any female that cares about her hygiene and feminine care because anything other than 100% cotton, organic and real is not good enough. That being said, i think the quality of the pads are not consistent from a pack to another which is not ok either. I am a pretty active person so i expect the producuts i use to be strong enough to to be ruptured every time i check. The cotton itself is not connected enough sometimes. This started happening 2 months ago so i hope they improve their quality and keep it consistent or i will try something else till i find something more comforting and flexible with moving and exercising during periods
I just received these after trying other organic brands of feminine pads. This is the first time I have found a pad to be comfortable and not feel like I’m wearing a diaper. Some of the organic brands are either too thick, don’t absorb well, or the sticky side doesn’t stick so well. These are thin but have a comfortable layer and they are SOFT— not plastic feeling. The side tabs are smaller which is great for fitting underwear. I slept in these perfectly and they stayed in place and I had no leaks. The added bonus unlike other brands is the cotton cover for the pad itself instead of plastic. We strive to be environmentally sound when possible so this was exciting to see. While pads aren’t the most comfortable thing to wear, I’m against tampons as well as chemicals. To me, this was a win all around. I ordered a few packages of this and the overnight and I’m so thankful. I received these quickly also with regular prime shipping.No one is paying me for this review. I didn’t put pictures up bc someone already posted the same pictures I would have taken. Also, I’m not wasting a pad to use colored water to show absorbency. I’ll let someone who blogs do that. 😊
I was eager to try these organic pads for environmental and health reasons, and really hoped they'd live up to the positive reviews I'd read. Before I even received the product, I was in touch with customer service and was really pleased with them. They responded to my inquiry very quickly, they were extremely friendly and professional, and overall wonderful to work with.After using the product for a few days, I'm just as pleased with it as I am with their customer service team. It is the softest maxi pad I've ever used. My skin was never irritated like with conventional pads and I honestly barely knew I was wearing it because it was so comfortable. The adhesive stuck well to my underwear and never shifted out of place. I will say that at first glance I thought the wings were kind of small and had a concern about their ability to function well, but I have no complaints about them after using the pads. I wish they wicked fluid away from the skin (into the pad) a little faster or more thoroughly, but it could have just been the timing of when I checked the pad. (I've only used them for one cycle so far, so I may notice it differently in the future.) Overall, I never noticed anything uncomfortable while wearing them. They are truly the most comfortable pad I've ever used.Comfort + environmentally friendly + healthy + wonderful customer service = a huge fan who can't wait to try their other products! 🙂

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