PWC Dock Lines, 2 pack

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Dock Line with Nylon Snap Hook - These dock lines are incredibly versatile and functional. A giant snap hook is spliced to one end for attaching to ski eyes, cleats, bow eyes and mooring rings. There’s a 10” loop on the other end for attaching to dock cleats. Finished length is 7 ft. Great for PWC’s and jet boats. 2 per package.

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These are convenient and inexpensive, but the plastic clips are susceptible to breakage. They are certainly not heavy-duty enough to tow a craft back to shore if needed, or permanently tie a PWC to shore or a dock, but they work for short-term temporary applications and are a great addition in your PWC for emergencies or short-term usage.If they replaced the plastic carabiner with a stainless steel one that was coated, this would become a five star product that I would be willing to spend a few more dollars on.
Thought I'd love these until a friend pointed out that he wouldn't trust his $12,000 jet ski to a plastic clip! Duh... I'm going to buy the metal carabiners to replace them, but by then, what's the point? I also found them to be too short and usually end up attaching two together.
Love these, put one on each end of my kayaks. I do not remove them that often, so the plastic clasp is not an issue for me as other reviewers have indicated. It is tough to put on and remove, however, that is what I want, a good attachment fo my kayaks. Rope quality is excellent, do not hesitate ti purchase.

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