Purple Conditioner for Blonde, Platinum & Gray/Silver Hair. Reduce Brassy Yellow Tones. Toner for Bleached & Highlighted Hair – Moisturises – Cruelty Free, No Parabens or Sulfates – 237 ml – $29.95

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  • Remove brassy & yellow tones: Purple Conditioner also detangles your locks, moisturizes, reducess frizz, repairs split ends. Leaving your hair soft, silky, radiant and shiny.
  • Say no to dry and damaged blonde hair: A super hydrating formulation of natural oils in the purple hair conditioner provides intense nourishment for colour-treated blonde hair to strengthen and smooth dry and damaged hair strands while deep violet-pigment tones hair to neutralise yellow and brassy hues.
  • Salon finish: Get salon fresh colour with the radiance and shine you would expect from a professional treatment. Our purple conditioner uses an effective blend of violet pigments to boost the vibrance of your stressed-out tresses, while our oil rich formula smoothes the hair follicle to enhance manageability and avoid breakages between salon visits.
  • Bold Uniq Plastic bottles are 100% made from 100% ocean waste plastic: This bottle is made from the equivalent of of 8 plastic bags removed from our oceans, through which we project to recover hundreds of metric tonnes of new plastic pollution each year.


Bold Uniq Purple Conditioner

User reviews

I have used their purple shampoo for a long time to keep my ends ashy. I was excited to try the conditioner as shampooing the ends of my hair does dry it out. The conditioner does not have such an intense effect as the shampoo and does not stain as much but was just as easy to apply. I left in on for 10 mins and I liked the result. I would have expected my hair to be less tangly but it soft and feels good. I will definitely enjoy using this conditioner.
I've only used the conditioner once so far. As far as purple conditioners go, this one has made my hair much softer, compared to Joico's purple conditioner. I've left it in my hair at least 3 minutes. I also want to let it be known that I also use this company's purple hair mask (which is AMAZING). This conditioner has made my hair much softer than the mask ever has. For now, I'm only using Joico purple shampoo with this conditioner. My only "issue" I have with this product is the price. I can get salon grade Joico products for twice the size and same price. In conclusion, for moisture this is great! For brassiness, jury is out because I just used the purple hair mask which already took out my warm tones. Will update once I can test it's purple effectiveness.
Product left my hair feeling shiny soft and definitely neutralized some of the brassy tones that tend to show up about halfway until my next appointment. I can really appreciate that they pay attention to the ingredients involved in their product and eliminate a lot of the sulfates others use. As long as you use gloves you don’t have to worry about any staining of your hands or you can just exfoliate your hands afterwards and it usually comes off pretty easily.

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