PHILIP B Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray

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I don't get the hype (nor the $$$) for PHILIP B's products.Pros:1.) The smell is pleasant enough, but certainly nothing special or remarkable. There's definitely no lingering scents, or anyone commenting about the delightful aroma coming off my scalp, like some have suggested.2.) Its effective, within reason, as far as hair conditioners go.Cons:1.) Hands down I can't see how the price is justified...WAY too much $$ IMO (I paid $25.00 with Amazon as the seller)2.) For the price, it seems to be lacking in true quality. It made virtually no difference in my hair in comparison to other products.Summary:To me, this is horribly overpriced and lacking in quality to justify the costs. It's the equivalent of thinking your getting and paying for a BMW, but in reality your arse is riding in a Kia.
I was super excited to try this spray. I unfortunately don't notice anything. I tried spritzing it on damp hair and dry hair. Tried using it as I used my hair dryer and flat iron. Hoping that maybe heat would activate the fragrance. Nothing worked no matter what I tried.It doesn't have any lingering smell in fact it barely has a scent at all. There's a little scent if I open the bottle and stick my nose in it but not very much.Not sure if it did anything that was a thermal protectant. I'm disappointed. I really wanted my hair to smell wonderful and I thought it was a plus to have the thermal protectant and other listed benefits. Couldn't find anything.I've never used this brand before so I'm not sure what some people were talking about when they mentioned the smell. That's what I really wanted!!Maybe the 2 oz spray isn't the same as larger bottles? Maybe mine is just a fluke? I don't know.I had high hopes. I wanted my hair to smell so good that people would think "Wow"!!But it isn't the case. I'll be returning this item. Gosh it is such a disappointment!!
This was my first foray into heat protectant spray, and this product exceeded my expectations. I spray this about 4-5 times around the ends of my hair while it's still wet, let it air dry a bit, and then dry my hair on low heat. Using this after every shower (I only wash my hair a couple times a week) and in conjunction with a deep hair masque weekly has SAVED my hair, literally. I used to have dry, fried ends (I have a lot of blonde in my hair, especially at the ends, from balayage styling), and this has done a spectacular job at protecting my hair from split ends and frizziness. I've also noticed a sharp decline in daily hair fallout. I used to have approximately 40 hairs fall out every day, now I probably only have about 15-20. My hair feels softer, shinier, and looks smoother. It doesn't weigh my hair down, either, which is the biggest thing for me. Plus this stuff smells fantastic. The bottle is kind of small, but like I said, I only wash my hair a couple times a week, so I'm not using it very often. It will probably last me 6 months or longer at the rate I'm going. Very happy and would highly recommend. If you love your hair, don't buy the cheap drugstore stuff...treat yo self!

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