Penoval iPad Pencil -Stylus Pen Compatible with iPad Pro 3rd Gen/iPad 6th Gen/iPad Air 3rd Gen/iPad Mini 5th Gen,Digital Pen of Palm Rejection 1year Standby-White – BEST PRICE: $39.99

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【Feature】 1. Palm Rejection Technology:Penoval Pencil offers a palm rejection function which allows you to rest your palm comfortably on the screen while using this stylus pen. 2. Fast Charge:Penoval pencil uses Micro USB for charging. You can also charge while you write. A 4-minutes quick charge provides a 1-hour using time. Works for 12 hours straight on a full charge. 3. LED Indication:  Working: Blue: Working; Red: Low power.  Charging: Blue: Full of charge; Red: In charge. 4. Wake Up Notes App:tap on iPad to activate notes app. 5. Precise Point Control: Penoval Pencil offers high precision and accuracy of writing and painting. 6. Replaceable Pen Tip:The diameter of the pen tip is only 1.5mm. Remove it counterclockwise and install it clockwise. 7. Turn on/Off: Click the power button to turn on/off the pen.

User reviews

I have both apple pencil and penoval. You can see from the picture. Penoval can write finer lines. Penoval has a lighter weight than apple pencil. I think apple pencil is too heavy although the second generation is lighter, but penoval is the lightest among them.
This is a great little stylus. It is slightly shorter, thinner, and quite a bit lighter than the original Apple Pencil. The on-off button doesn't get in the way like some of other styluses I have. It works well with the iPad's apps for drawing and text selection. There is no need to pair the stylus, so it is easier to pick up and go than the Apple Pencil. The palm rejection also works well. There are two added advantages in that the stylus doesn't require bluetooth and the on-off button is implemented in a way where it is clear if the pencil is on or off.
I use this pencil every day. I take notes in class on my ipad and it's one of the few that actually work with the ipad pro 11". I love how the tip isn't some random metal piece so it takes really nice notes. The only issue I have with it (and maybe it's because it's used everyday for like 8 hours) is that it lags and stops writing sometimes. The first one I got was working well until it just stopped. I contacted the company, and they were amazing about it! They just sent me a new one and at first it wasn't acting up. But now it's also starting to act up. It lags, deletes my notes or just stops writing and I'll have to just turn it off and wait -- kind of annoying when you're in class taking notes though. But still, it's actually a pretty solid replacement for the apple version. I definitely recommend it if you aren't going to be in class for 8-12 hours a day.

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