Nulaxy Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with 1.44 Inch Display and USB Car Charger – Peacock Blue – $0

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  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Item model number: B01N0OH8VL B01MFBIF99 B01EC8OUFQ
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No


Nulaxy KM18 is the best selling FM Transmitter on the market, has been consolidated by uniting quality and high technology. The functions that our KM18 adds to your car without any type of installation and wires is incredible. With our device you bring your classic car to a new generation without change its style or damage the originality of your car. Add in Your Car:1) Answer calls phones safely and with one click; 2) Listen to music from your phone, MP3 player, tablet , laptop, tf card and connected devices via aux cable in the sound of your car; 3) Control the quality of your car battery with our voltmeter function; 4) Charge your devices through the secure USB port; 5) LCD screen with ideal size to view your telephone calls, music, car battery voltage and other information with more comfort and quality. Add all these functions with just one device is not amazing? Bring your car to new generation in a simple and safe way! Nulaxy, driving you safer and better.

User reviews

I use this device daily during the work week. Although, I have not used the SD card or AUX features, simply due to the fact that the FM transmitter works so good I don't need to.There is room for improvement though:1. The device is small, like toy size - this may be a plus for some people.2. The buttons for tuning and track selection are TINY.3. The buttons don't always work, despite feeling the click of the button. You have to hit next track 2 or even 3 times sometimes. Same with play / pause.4. The plug that goes into the socket is SUPER tight, you have to use 2 hands to remove the thing for fear you might pull out the socket out of the dash!5. The screen is very small, and does not list the currently playing song's title.It does have plenty of pro's as well:1. The signal is VERY strong.2. Audio quality is good.3. The Bluetooth phone calls are at least understandable at both ends, although not great.4. The caller's Phone number appears on the screen during a call.
Bought this for a road trip. The bluetooth mic didnt work very well for phone calls...but i was really interested in that and the FM transmitter which worked great at first....and then on the road after several hours it got REALLY static-y. On the way back the charging port stopped working well This pretty much was a waste of money.Id look elsewhere for a more worthwhile purchase - perhaps the newer version is better?
I must say that I love this little guy! I am anything but high tech, I'm as low tech as they come, lol. With the help from my grandson, not on this item, I am slowly but surely learning the ways of the hi-tech world. This item was so easy, I didn't have to ask for any help! I had it set up and paired up in nothing flat. The radio station this little guy picked out was great in the garage, but when I got a block away from home, there was static. No biggy, I pulled over, changed the station on this gizmo and changed the station on my car stereo to match. Voila! Listening to my favorite songs on my phone. Hey all you senior citizens, I am 65 and started learning (a wee bit at a time), please don't be afraid to try these new things. I am an old dog who doesn't like to learn new tricks, but this one requires no new tricks! I absolutely love it!

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