Nostalgia WICM4L Electric Ice Cream Maker Makes 4-Quarts, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato in Minutes, Made from Real, Light Wood

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Reminiscent of the old fashion ice cream makers of the past, This unit is a fast and easy way to make quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato. It features a locking motor mount, easy-to-clean bucket and a 4 quart aluminum canister. Simply add your ingredients into the aluminum canister, place in the middle of the bucket, layer with ice and salt and allow the electric motor do the rest. The durable churn paddle produces delicious creamy homemade ice cream, while the easy-clean plastic liner provides easy cleanup. Customize each recipe by adding extras like Strawberry preserves, cookie dough, candy pieces and much more. When done, Use the included lid and lid cap to store leftover ice cream in the freezer.

User reviews

We bought a brand new complete electric unit, 4 qt., because I read of many issues with the 6 qt and it's dasher not fitting correctly and therefore not working as well as the 4 qt.1. We received it a day earlier than expected... bonus2. Everything that was supposed to be in the box was there and in excellent brand new condition - no shipping damages.3. I washed unit as instructed.4. We chose to make the Easy Vanilla Ice Cream recipe listed in the included manual. We followed the easy instructions and it worked perfectly. We stopped the unit exactly at 30 min and... perfection.5. An hour later, we made another included recipe, Easy Chocolate Ice Cream. Again, exactly 30 min later... perfection.6. Absolutely no mess. Used the unit on my kitchen table on a small towel just in case, but no leaks what so ever.7. Very easy clean up. No hassles, small parts, or hard to clean areas.8. The only problem we didn't think of was containers to put the ice cream in when storing in the freezer. But that's not their were so delicious and I didn't have to wonder where it was made and if it's safe to eat. The kids (13 & 8) say they never want store bought ice cream ever again. I would HIGHLY recommend this unit to anyone and everyone.
This electric ice cream churn works great. Depending on the recipe, it churns the ice cream to a slightly firm state in about 20 minutes. I've already used it 5 times, and every time, the results were perfect. As a retired teacher, I did enjoy the one error that was made during assembly. I just hope it wasn't one of my students who put the nametag on the front.
Looks great, nicely made, like the nostalgia effect. Problem was, whoever put the motor works together did something wrong. When you plugged it in, ready to make ice cream, put the paddles in, connect it to the motor, turn it on, the canister started turning, not the paddles!!! I could not believe it! I let it run until it stopped after 30 minutes, but there had been no mixing of the ice cream mix, no aeration as necessary to make ice cream. So disappointing with a family group of eight for dinner and dessert. I"m getting a replacement and crossing my fingers that it will be okay, mostly because of so many previous good reviews (and I like the look).Update: I returned this item and got a duplicate because I thought the first one was defective as the paddle did not rotate, the canister did. No where in the manual did I see anything to tell me this was how they now worked. In the past, ice cream makers I had used had the paddles rotate, not the canister. My ice cream did not congeal as I said above and i returned the product. Another arrived with the same canister motion, so I researched online and found this was normal operation for this unit. I gave it another go, this time the machine never stopped, I had to stop it after 45 minutes as I was concerned about overall consistency after freezing. The ice cream came out awesome! Learning curve for an old bird, but the result was great. So, am editing my review to reflect my new rating.

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