Nintendo New 3DS XL – Super NES Edition + Super Mario Kart for SNES – $399.95

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  • The New Nintendo 3DS XL system combines next generation portable gaming
  • The New Nintendo 3DS XL system plays all Nintendo DS games; Nintendo DS games will not appear in 3D
  • AC adapter sold separately; New Nintendo 3DS XL uses the same AC adapter as the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS systems
  • 3D Mode can be switched on and off and is recommended for Ages 7+
  • Includes download code for Super Mario Kart (Super NES)
  • Dimensions (open):6.78 × 6.3 × 0.8 inches,Dimensions (folded):3.7 × 6.3 x 0.8 inches

User reviews

I've been with the original 3ds since it first released, reluctant to upgrade because screen size wasn't so important to me. Decided to FINALLY make the upgrade to a new 3ds xl in the system's twilight hour, as I've been wanting to experience the new Smash Bros and had a gift card given to me for Christmas. When I saw this nostalgic snes edition released, I finally pulled the trigger. Glad I did.First off: the screen. Many of these reviewers had me seriously doubting my purchase after I started reading into the whole IPS vs TN screen. Upon receiving it, I have to say I don't know what all the fuss is about. Maybe it's because I'm coming from an original 3ds, but I'm really nothing but pleased with the picture quality. It looks like a significant improvement.Secondly, this system is gorgeous. The pictures really don't do it justice. It's a LOT better looking in person, and the satin finish does not attract fingerprints as much. As an older gamer who loved the snes, I was torn between this system and the black one. As soon as I opened the box I immediately felt like I'd made the right choice.As this is my first experience with the new 3ds xl, I have to compliment the build quality. It's hefty enough to feel substantial, but not overly heavy. The hinge feels solid and snaps into multiple positions with a satisfying click. The face-tracking and stable 3d feature is an incredible addition! The cartridge slot and stylus location on the bottom is a refreshing and much needed change.So maybe I'm an old man. So maybe I don't care as much as I should about TN vs IPS mumbo-jumbo. All I know is I had an original 3ds for years, and this upgrade has left me tickled pink. I can't wait to throw my money into the eShop and go rummaging for old DS classics.
Being that the SNES is my favorite video console of all time - I had high hopes for this. Cosmetically it looks great - but the screens are both TN displays and being that I currently have a black New 3DS XL with dual IPS display screens I cannot justify shelling out the $200 for something inferior that I really don't need. First 3 pictures are of SNES version with the TN screens (left) vs black 3DS with IPS screens. Last picture is SNES version (left), black with IPS (middle) and galaxy version with TN screens (right). The black with the IPS screens has better depth of color and does not wash out when tilted. Unfortunately from all I have read there is no way to figure out which display Nintendo used. Anyone used to the IPS screens will probably be disappointed in the difference. Other than that it looks AWESOME (much better than the Galaxy version with the very noticeable sticker). If you don’t care about the IPS vs TN display then it is perfect for any SNES fan!EDIT: Bumping the rating to 5 stars. I still stand by the fact that these screens do not look as nice as the IPS displays - BUT they are brighter so for those of us that that are a little older, and now have to turn our phone screens etc up to full brightness to see them, you may be better off with the TN displays. I do have some SNES Virtual Console games downloaded that are very dim on the 3DS already so any brightness helps, and the screen looks fine as long as you are not comparing it to an IPS screen. Plus the hinges are much better than my current 3DS and I really do love the way it looks.
First off, I got this on the 24th of November which was awesome on Amazon's part! Anyways, this SNES edition is a beauty!!! When fully opened and flipped over, it looks like the top of the SNES system. When it's opened and ready to play, the gray and lavender buttons remind me of the good days of gaming! The box the system comes in is the same look and feel of a brand new SNES game. DO NOT FORGET TO BUY A SHELL CASE AND SCREEN PROTECTOR!! You want this system to look beautiful for years to come!Now here are my thoughts on the good and the bad.Good:It is beautiful The colors are perfect and as any SNES fan from back in the early 90s on will drool at the look of this system! I did!Nintendo has always amazed me, with the quality of their products! Whether this is your first 3DS or 10th, you will love this!Included is a free download code for the SNES Mario Kart which is awesome.Bad: NOTHINGSome people complain about the lack of a power plug, but you can get one here on Amazon for under $8. Buy the combo Amazon has.

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