Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case, IPX8 Waterproof Phone Pouch Dry Bag Compatible for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/Xs Max/XR/X/8/8P Galaxy up to 6.8″, Phone Pouch for Beach Kayaking Travel or Bath (2 Pack) – $7.49

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IPX8 Certified Designed for underwater use swimmers surfers and scuba divers this rated IPX8 certified waterproof bag can guard your phones from water ice and dirt. It can protect not only your phone but also those carry-on documents cards or even cash.Underwater Shooting Unlike that non-transparent bag Mpow waterproof bag features all-around transparent material which does not block the camera(front and back) It allows for enjoyable underwater shooting with your phone! Snap Lock Mechanism Easy to use this waterproof case features a snap clasp and lock seal system that ensures full protection against even storm. Universal Design Compatible with most smartphones (under 6 8 inches) including: iPhone 11 Pro Max 11 Pro 11 Xs Max Xs Xr X 8 8 Plus 7 7 Plus iPhone 6s 6s Plus iPhone 6 6 plus 5S 5C 5 4S 4 Galaxy S20 S10 S10e S9 S9 Plus S8 S8 Plus Note 10+ 10 9 8 S7 S7 edge S6 S6 Edge plus S5 S4 S3 HTC One M10 M9 M8 M7 Max LG G4 G3 G2 iPod Touch Nexus 6 6P 5 4 Sony Xperia Z3 Z2 Z1 Nokia Lumia Black Berry Motorola MOTO G X E and other phone devices up to 6 8". NOTE 1.Phones with large otter box or camera are not recommended in this bag! 2.Cell phones with this waterproof case may suffer hydraulic pressure under certain water depth which will impact the operation of the touch screen. Please take photos by volume buttons in this case.3.Waterproof bags can't be used for hot spring.4. Waterproof bags are suitable for outdoor rafting swimming beach playing and ordinary diving but not recommended when diving into more than 49 feet of water depth.5. As the water temperature is low and the phone temperature is high the waterproof bag inside the fog is a normal phenomenon.

User reviews

I went floating with some friends on June 17, 2018 (Father's Day). I put my iPhone 7 Plus (not in the case), my ID, my credit card, and a few other cards in the Mpow IPX8 case before we went. I had it around my neck but when we stopped at an island, I took it off my neck and put it in the tube, unattached. When we went to take-off, I forgot to grab the case and jumped in the tube, only for the tube to overturn and the case with all of my goods to fall out in the 3-4' of water, fast moving current! We searched that day and again the following Sunday when we went again. I bought a new phone, knowing mine was gone forever. 12 days later, June 29th, I received a call that another floater lost her phone on the same island and found mine in the 3-4' of water when she was looking for hers. The IPX8 case saved everything in the case! EVERYTHING was bone dry!! I am totally impressed and so thankful I chose the Mpow IPX8 case to protect my phone!
 I bought these for snorkeling in Hawaii, and they worked great! I have an iPhone 6s and my husband has an iPhone X, and they both fit fine. I had zero leakage, and they seem to be made with a high quality.I chose these pouches because I wanted to use them while snorkeling and both sides of the pouches are clear unlike some other brands, so now I could take photos and see my screen at the same time.The lanyard was also great so I wasn’t afraid to drop my phone while snorkeling. My brother didn’t have a lanyard and dropped his phone and he found it very difficult to dive down far and find his phone (10+ ft). It was a close call. However I do wish the piece on the lanyard that slides up and down to tighten it around your neck had a clasp to lock it in place. This one does not and is loose, so the pouch just hangs loosely like a necklace. I wanted to be able to tighten it close to my neck for extra reassurance that I would t drop it. But it still worked fine. I also only went down about 5 feet max from the surface. The lanyard is also nice just so you can be hands free to swim and let the pouch hang.The pictures/videos were clear and turned out nice, but the photo shutter button on the touch screen didn’t work under water due to the suction and pressure of the water, but it did work above the water while still in the pouch. So I had to turn on the camera app before going under and use the volume buttons as the shutter button (same with taking a video).I did do a waterproof test before using it, and when I removed the tissue, I got a few drops of water inside the pouch, so when I went snorkeling, I had some condensation/fog inside and those pictures turned out pretty blurry, so make sure your pouch is 100% dry before using it. My husbands was dry, and his pics turned out great. I definitely recommend!(The video quality is lacking in my post b/c Amazon compresses the video & not because of the pouch. The quality looks much better on my phone!)
Phone stayed bone dry as advertised.

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