Maxi-Matic Freezing Self-Refrigerating Ice Cream Maker, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato Treat, 1.5 Pint, Raspberry Pink

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With the Berry colored Mr. Freeze 1.5 pint ice cream maker you can make your own great tasting frozen treats in less than 60 minutes - no pre-freezing required! have fun with the whole family crafting homemade ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sherbet, or sorbets right out of the box. This ice cream maker also has a unique feature that allows you to adjust the softness or hardness of your ice cream, so you can make it to your desired preference. Smart design makes use of operation a cinch! all you have to do is mix in your ingredients, push a button, and the thermoelectric cooling system does the rest. Machine has both soft and hard ice cream setting. The thermoelectric cooling system allows you to make ice cream without the need of a compressor, CFC, or Freon. No chemicals, alcohol, or salt needed. Machine is energy-saving running at 90 watts and comes with a transparent lid. Gone are the messy days of hand cranking, churning ice and spilled salt. Recipes are included for fun and easy ideas to treat the whole family!

User reviews

I've had it for about a month now so confident enough to rate it now. I have to say this is the coolest little icecream maker ever. As others have said, it does make a small batch so would not be a good fit for family of 4 but for 2 people, it is perfect! I have learned a couple of tricks that I will pass on: 1) be sure to mix your stuff in advance and chill it overnight. We use a half gallon tuperware to hold our mixture and it is enough to make several batches of tasty icecream.2) when the icecream maker stops because it is too thick to stir, pull out the plastic stir thing and re-install the lid. The chiller will keep running and it works great to finish hardening up the icecream.3)don't mix in the toppings while running, wait till it stops stirring and mix them in by hand. If you dump them in while stirring, it will quickly cause the machine to stop due to being harder to stir. With a small batch like this, it is super easy to mix in the toppings by hand.This machine makes enough icecream for two normal coffee cup sized portions. If you use icecream cones, it is enough for 4 small cones or 2 of the large waffle cones really loaded up. I will also say you have to experiment on what ingredients work best. For us, we use a mix of whole milk, half and half and a small amount of heavy whipping cream. We also add sugar and real vanilla to the batch. Then we refrigerate the mixture and have it ready to go. When we pour it in the maker, we add things like strawberry or banana or whatever and let me tell you the icecream is really tasty! We especially like that we can control the amount of sugar we add. Doing it as I describe, a batch will be ready in 1 hour and my personal favorite is vanilla with butterfinger toppings mixed in. My wife likes the banana best although we both like just about all the icecream we have made.Cleanup is a snap and it is small so stores easily. I would say we probably have icecream 2-3 times per week and are so happy we finally broke down and got our own icecream maker. We haven't been to the icecream store a single time since we got it. .No neep at all when we can make whatever we want right here at home!
I bought this to use in my small, solar powered travel trailer. The freezer is tiny in my trailer and paying $6 for a pint of ice cream is ridiculous plus I am often boondocking far from the store. This little ice cream maker is perfect for small batches. I use it with an inverter connected to my batteries and it hardly made a dent in the voltage. For a batch using refrigerated ingredients, it took about 50 minutes set on the hard setting to get the perfect consistency. I will be keeping ingredients on hand in the future to make more. Evaporated milk, canned and dried fruits and nuts, boxes of Trader Joe's whipping cream will become a permanent part of my camping pantry. I used some Greek yogurt in a batch of peach frozen yogurt and it was wonderful. Even though the liner isn't removable, the unit is small enough to make it easy to clean.
This is a dandy little frozen treat maker. The small capacity is perfect tor an individual or a couple. It makes a frozen treat in about 40 minutes.

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