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Made in the USA or Imported; 4.75" high; 4.75" wide; -; LONG BATTERY LIFE - Provides between 3-12 hours of colored LED light when fully charged. Completely powered by the sun so no additional batteries are necessary. Run times vary depending on color mode.; -; -; WATERPROOF, SHATTERPROOF, and DURABLE. Made from heavy duty, rugged TPU to endure tough s. It is 100% waterproof and dustproof.

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We purchased many of these solar lights to be used in the BVI post hurricane Irma and are very disappointed with many of the lights. Have been using for 6 weeks and out of 16 only 5 are still working. Several no longer stay inflated and all of the 11 which no longer work will no longer take a charge. We bought 55 of these lights to give to people in need and now would never recommend to anyone.
I have had this lantern for exactly 35 days and have used it a total of 7 times and it is now suddenly not working. Extremely unhappy with this purchase, as it is just a few days out of return window. LOVED it when it worked for those 7 times... I'd definitely recommend buying another brand.
Just got it so can't speak to quality. Wanted to post lumen output for the brightness settings. See photoUpdate 12132017 Used this on a 10 day hunt in October. Really great light. Lots of output and high quality. Couple of suggestions. Do not let it discharge to one or two "bars", once discharged it does take a significant amount of time to recharge fully (as described by manufacturer) . Second, I would love to see a small loop or something that a carabiner could be attached to. (When this thing is very cold... 10 degs F, the clasp will not shut or stay shut. The plastic just isn't flexible enough at that temp) Lastly, and this is just a personal preference, I would appreciate about three less settings to toggle through. Like, low, high, off... I just don't need the multiple settings and SOS strobe for my applications. Overall, great product and great cause.

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