Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Jeans

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When these jeans arrived, I thought they were fake. The denim felt thin and cardboard stiff. But I wore them a lot and washed them a little, thinking it was just a problem with new jeans. My first impression was correct. I’ve owned several pairs of these exact 511 Levi’s, but this was the first bought online. I don’t know if these are “fake,” but these are not like the Levi’s you’d buy at a department store. While the jeans look fine, the fabric is very thin and it has not gotten any softer with age - which is what happens with real denim. What upsets me is that I didn’t save anything buying on Amazon; it was just convenient. I’m sticking with department stores for jeans from now on.
The product is advertised as "511 Slim Fit Jean- Stretch". I bought the exact pair of jeans from a Levis store and the latter has a much better feel and fit. In contrast, the one shipped to me by Levis through Amazon did not have the same comfy feel and it was definitely not of stretch material (though it was advertised as such and is the one that I bought). In fact, the jeans even looked as if it was a non-original (counterfeit) one compared to what I bought in their store. Levis- stop duping people who are trying to buy your product online and have a modicum of respect for your customers. Even a 1 rating is too much.
I am 6' and 180lb and bought 32x32 Rigid Dragon, New Khaki and Rigid Grey. I had previously bought the Jet Black and they fit just fine, so I was excited to revamp my jean drawer.Unfortunately these three did not come as expected.Rigid dragon: Baggier in the calf for some reason. Had to make sure I'd bought the same Slim Fit, and I had. After a wash, they fit perfectly.New Khaki: Came in way too baggy. I felt like I was wearing snow pants, especially because they make that *swish swish* sound when you walk for some reason (only pair that does this). Drying on high heat got these to a managable but not ideal fit :/Rigid Grey: These had the worst change. They came in baggy just like the New Khaki, then after a regular wash shrunk significantly. I still gave them a chance and am currently sitting here in my office, ankles uncomfortable cold. I have to wear them lower at the waste than is comfortable just so the bottom of the jeans touch my shoes when standing. Heaven help me of I stretch my legs out or bend my knee though, leaving my ankles and above bare.It seems different styles have different fits. Really disappointed after finding one good pair, then paying over a hundred dollars for three pairs with only one truly solid pair.

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