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  • As Link, explore a reimagined Koholint Island and collect instruments to awaken the Wind Fish to find a way home
  • Explore numerous dungeons, riddled with tricks, traps, and enemies, including some from the Super Mario series
  • Meet and interact with unique locals to get help on your adventure
  • Listen to a reawakened soundtrack that helps bring life to Koholint Island
  • Earn Chambers (Dungeon Rooms) and arrange them to complete objectives in the all new Chamber Dungeon

User reviews

The art style is okay. The depth of field blur is annoying and will probably give people headaches. The core game is still there and still good. I would give it 4 stars but the $60 price point is such greedy money gouging that I can't rate it any higher.
Same core game as the original on GameBoy for the most part, but with updated visuals/sound and a lot of quality of life changes.An explore type Zelda game like 'Link between Worlds' where you interact with NPCs and discover the world on your own instead of the game telling you where to go each time.Enough with the intro; onto the list of changes:1. Presentation:Graphical overhaulVisuals are no longer blocky. HD, 3D graphics with a fully modeled world rather than a sprite based one.The whole over-world looks like a dioramaNow has depth of field. Camera now follows link instead of being focused on central screenLink and other characters look like nendoroid figuresMusic is fully orchestrated, has some vocals2. No screen transitionsOver-world no longer has screen transitions as areas are loaded in their entirety.World feels more fluidIsland is one large connected world nowThere is some frame rate drops when you enter houses which is a bit odd3. No Constant Weapon SwitchingNo need to pause game and swap out abilities, weapons constantlyThe Sword, Shield, Power Bracelet, and Pegasus Boots are always equipped and have their own dedicated buttons.Here are button specific button mapping:Sword B buttonShield R buttonPagusus boots L buttonPower bracelet A buttonX and Y button for switching inventory4. Warp Point SelectionAble to choose warp points you want to go instead of keep falling into one until you warp into the place you want.More warp points added5. Memories mode.Journal in-game conversationsAble to see who you spoke to and what they saidShows location of already obtained Pieces of Heart and Secret Seashells.6. Heart Pieces14 (original) to 20 max heartsMore heart pieces to find. Most new heart pieces are obtained through mini-gamesHearts can now represent quarter hearts taking minimum damage of 1/4 of a heart. The original and the DX version can only represents halves as the smallest unit.If you find this too easy, there's hero mode in the game which i'll go into later7. Empty BottlesGame now have empty bottles to fairies in8. No puzzle reset.Once you complete a puzzle in a chamber, enter new door and go back; the game will save your progressNo need to redo things again and again9. Boss battlesbosses have new attack animationssome more aggressive (probably due to increased heart pieces), easier to spot telegraph attacks10. Camera Shop ReplacementNo longer have the camera shop like in the DX version of the gameThere is a new Dungeon creator in Tal Tal Heights called the Chamber Dungeon or t Dampé's ShackCreate own dungeon each tile (chamber) are carbon copies of levels that are ready in the game. You just re-arrange themYou just fill empty slots with pre designed chambersif you beat game you already saw all the chambers, just re-arranged differntlyAfter you're done making your dungeon, you have to play through and beat it yourself.You then get a completion time to challenge friend's withNo online sharing or code enter option. Must save data on an amiibo which is a bit disappointing especially for those who don't own a Zelda series amiibo11. Amiibo functionalityAs mentioned before, able to save dungeons you've re-arranged...i mean created into an amiiboIf you have a Link's Awakining Amiibo you're able to use a 'Plus Effect'It adds shadow link who chases you dungeon to dungeon until you defeat him. Gives the game more of a challenge and also gives you a heart piece as a prizeCompatible Amiibos are:Breath of wild series amiiboZelda Smash Bros series amiiboAnniversary Link series amiiboAble to tap up to 5 different amiibo from Legend of Zelda series to unlock one of these random chambers:Great fairy chamberball and chain tropper chambermobilin chief chambercracked floor chamberarmos knight chamberOptions when you tab an Amiibo are:get special chambersave and receive dungeonreceive dungeonA bit disappointing. Like the new additions, but locked via amiibo. Must get 5 different amiibo to unlock all 5 chambers and Link's Awakening Amiibo to get max out hearts in the game.12. Updated mini gamesRaft mini game, able to use hookshot to change course. Hookshot can now grapple treesCrane game better physics, more prizesFishing different lures to unlock and more items to fish out. A Middleweight Lure can be obtained when reeling a big Fish in the Fishing Hole.13. Custom MarkersMarkers and Pins can be placed on the Map.Able to place markers on duneon and world map making navigation more easier and helps as an reminder.Back in the day, i had to use pen and paper to jot down notes14. Shield functionalityShield has more propertiesAble to parry and deflect attacksShield deflect falling boulders at tal tal hieghts instead of taking damage15. Save states:Able to save up to 3 save files and auto save16. More mobilityLink can swing, shoot and throw at 45 degree angleLink can slash his sword in eight directions instead of the four directions of the Game Boy's D-Pad.17. Faster text scrollingNPC no longer stutter. Gets right to the point Character's name appears when talked to18. More detailed environments.The interior of houses are much more decorated. Some have stands where figures won in mini-games can be placed.The Town Tool Shop sells six items instead of four.Red and green apples can fall down when dashing into Trees. These can be collected and eatenThere are also subtle additions like added/reduced trees, bushes, grass, rocks, skulls, enemy placements19. Enemy changesMoldorm boss room is now square and there are less holes for Link to fall in.Mobilns are now pigs instead of dogsCukemen no longer shock you when you hit them with a sword.20. Currency Change Green and Blue Rupees values are now swapped.21. Hero modeNo heart drops from enemies or grassOnly way to restore health is to visit fairies cave, get heart piece or get potionsEnemies deal double damageOverall, very good enhancement to a classic Zelda game. Worth a double dip (if not triple).
Links Awakening on Switch is one of those must-play games that gives you feeling of nostalgia and the stimulation you'd expect from a 1st party Nintendo game. What you're getting here is a top-down 3D-mesh re-creation of Zelda Links Awakening, as it was over 20 years ago when it first released on the original Game Boy. The modern switch remake is literally the same game, but it has more than your typical coat of paint. It comes with a dungeon creator, some new menus and inventory screens. The remake also has wider viewing angles and we are now done away with screen scrolling, which is replaced with smooth screen transitions that helps the world come to life. The developers designed the game with a 60 frames per second target, but sadly it doesn't feel as smooth as it should. The game runs a dynamic resolution. The primary resolution\frame rate you'll see is 720p 60. In 'some' indoor areas the game can, and will jump to around 976p and even in some rare instances,1080p, but it's quite rare. Even with the game running at 720p, the frame rate can sometimes be all over the place depending on where you are on the map. In the swamp area(as an example), the game actually dips to 30fps to compensate for cpu bottlenecks so prepare for that! In terms of gameplay, the movement, inventory management and pacing is fantastic, and the dungeon design as well as the overworld is small, but dense and filled with color. The art style and design might not be for everyone, but if you're a fan of A Link To The Past, and even if you played Links Awakening over two decades ago, this faithful recreation makes for a fantastic return on the Switch.

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