Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Portable Waterproof Anti-Air Leaking Inflatable Pouch Couch with Pillow and Carrying Bag for Outdoor Camping, Picnics, Pool Beach Parties – $29.99

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【 Fast inflating 】Comparing to other tranditional air loungers which are inflated with a pump or blowed up by mouth, this inflatable lougher is designed dual-pockets and quite easy to inflate. No pump needed, open the carry bag and run several steps against the wind and swing the bag to scoop the air into it,row up the end and buckle it . With practice ,only takes minutes in this process.; 【 Leak-proof design】The Inflatable lounger are made from Military-grade diamond lattice rip-stop nylon, which could bear 2 or 3 people's weight.Creative dual-port design , dual layers fabric construction to create a air leak resistant.It will stay inflated for at least 5-6 hours for you to enjoy your outdoor camping.; 【Easy to Carry&Sturdy】 Inflated up to 78"x35"x23",Weighted 2.65 lbs and folded only 14"x9"x4" in the matched carry bag. A stake can be used with built in security loop to firmly secure the blow up couch in position such that it stays in place even on a windy day, and a BOTTLE OPENER to help you chill anywhere, anytime.; 【Comfortable Headrset Design】 Does your neck or back ever felt painful,if yes.Try our improved inflatable lounger air sofa,which provides a relaxed state. It is larger and more comfortable than the traditional inflatable lounger and provides excellent support for your upper back and neck.; 【 Multifunctional Pockets】Featured two big mesh pockets in one side of this inflatable hammock, good to keep phones , books, snacks. Added another elastic band to hold your drinks . Allow all things are at hand, so you don't keep getting up . It's geat to use for super relaxing both indoor and outdoor .

User reviews

This is a big, comfortable, inflatable that you can use indoors or out, on the water or on land. It's really easy to inflate outdoors if you have at least a light breeze. If you don't have some wind, though, inflation can be a challenge.You don't use a pump to inflate this "sofa". Instead, you open one end like a bag, and "scoop" air into each of the two big chambers. Once you have the big airbags about 75 percent full, you roll the end shut with 4 or 5 (or more) folds, until the air in the chambers is compressed and the air chambers tighten up. Then you snap the end shut with a plastic buckle like a big dry bag.This method works well when you have at least some light wind to help you fill the air chambers. That seems to be critical. If it's a really calm day, you may be able to run with the inflatable, holding it open, to get some air into it, but that doesn't really work indoors unless you have a really big room (like a gym) or maybe a long hallway. You should really just plan on going outside to inflate this thing.Once it's inflated, it holds air pretty well, and it's comfortable to sit or lie on. The two air chambers hold you gently in the center so you don't tend to roll off easily. The chambers are joined together in the middle so you don't sink through to the ground below. And there's a raised pillow on one end. I find it really easy to relax and nap on it.We bought this primarily as a floatie to use at the lake, and it does work well for that. It's useful both on the water and on the sand, as it makes a comfy place to lay in the sun, whether its floating or sitting on the beach.There's a loop on the front that you can use to anchor the inflatable to the ground, using the included tent stake and lightweight carabiner. I've included a couple of photos to show how they are intended to be used, because there aren't any relevant instructions for the stake and carabiner. If you don't stake it down, your inflatable sofa can be easily blown away by a gust of wind when you aren't sitting or laying on it.You can also tie a line to the webbing loop so you can tie the inflatable to a dock, shoreline tree, or boat, when using it as a floatie. Or, you can drop an anchor tied to the webbing loop to hold you in place on the water. I haven't tried fishing from this platform, but it may work for that. Its a bit awkward to paddle around on, though, because its a long reach down to the water, unless you have a canoe paddle or something similar.We've also used it as backyard furniture, and its been popular for seating during parties. It might also serve as inexpensive indoor furniture if you have a space where you want more seating but have a tight budget. In a pinch, you could even offer it as a place to crash for the night for guests who shouldn't drive home. Its actually been used that way around our place. :-)Overall, I've found this thing useful, comfortable, and fun. Filling it with air is easy with a breeze. The biggest drawback is the challenge of inflating it without some wind. Once you have it blown up, it really is a great device. Let me know if there's anything in my review that you found helpful.
I purchased two, one for me and one for my bf (his was a surprise).Our first time using them we didn’t have any expectations, just had packed the backpacks that come with them and read the instructions. They hardly took up any room as we carried them from the car and the first noticeable plus was the light weight. No more bulky foldable chairs!So we arrived and planted ourselves with the cooler and a towel and started to get these set up. With ease the wind had inflated the first one within 5 minutes. It would have been faster had he been standing in the direction of the wind instead of trying to run with it.So after I pointed out he needed to do nothing but stand there and seal, he got it!We got several complements from onlookers and let me tell ya I’ve never been more comfortable lounging.Easily supported me at 5’10 120 lbs, and him at 6’2 and 220 lbs with an equal amount of support.Best purchase beach/camping/wherever-you’d-like-to-relax ever.
My son is an avid camper who lives near the mountains in North Carolina. I'm always on the lookout for compact, space limited things to gift him. When I considering buying from a particular seller, I look up other products they sell, to get an idea of their overall product quality. If I'm happy with what I've ordered, I go back through their list to see if I might want something else. This item was one I had never heard of before, but what an intriguing idea! A large inflatable, that you don't need a pump or electricity for... but is tiny and portable?First, the design is ingenious. It's a giant dual windsock. The openings for each side are flexible 'memory' metal bands that want to snap closed. You pull apart each side in turn, allowing the bag to fill with air, then you close them and roll up, clipping the end.But what if you don't have any air? So I tried to inflate it in the living room with zero wind. You know what? You can do it, just from creating a tiny down draft! It will NOT fill all the way with zero air movement, but still sufficient to lay down on. By the time I got it semi-filled, I was laughing my head off, grateful that no one was recording a video of me jumping up and down, frantically waving it around my living room, knocking things over.... anyways... it can be a great workout inside your home. The effort is guaranteed to make you giggle, and I liked it even more.When I tried inflating in the backyard with what seemed like no air movement, it filled much easier and fuller. Any air movement will fill it quickly, so this is great for the beach or a mountain camping trip.The fabric is like parachute material, super lightweight and super thin. While it's pretty sturdy, I'd still lay the inflated 'sofa' on a blanket or towel to prevent possible puncture from sharp objects underneath.The portability factor is nuts, it's tiny! Deflation is far simpler than inflating. you simply unclip, and start rolling from the other end, and it deflates itself. Most inflatables are harder to deflate than inflate, and getting that last bit of air out is always harder than getting it in. This is zero pain, it rolls up almost as small as new, and still fits in the bag!I'm trying to decide if I want to give it to my son or keep it and buy him another one. You know what it can be absolutely perfect for? Drying/airing out large comforters in the backyard. No one has clothing lines anymore, but who doesn't love the smell of crisp outdoor dried linens?This is one of those items that you can buy for camping/beach, and find a use for all year round too. From exercise to air drying linens, and when done, you have a place to collapse in exhaustion on. Ahhh... I love this, I think I'll keep it.

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