HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream 8 oz

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HeadSlick shave cream is lubricated for an effortless blade glide; HeadSlick is water soluble, making it easy to rinse blades after use; Mentholated cream leaves a cool and refreshing feeling after each shave; Headblade shave cream is designed especially for the full head shaving experience; No perfumes, no dyes, and cruelty-free

User reviews

I just shaved my head for the first time. I used the headslick shave cream and it was amazing. I only used a little bit (a almond size dollop) That little bit worked as I shaved with the grain and against the grain. I did not cut myself or nick myself. The HeadBlade shave cream is what I think I enabled me to get a close cut and baby soft scalp. I used HIgh Time after shave and not one bump appeared. I used HeadBlade headscrub before I shaved. I had some serious doubts about this product, but it was like massaging with something decadent. I have had a dry scalp and had dandruff, but my head feels soft and moist. I believe the dry scalp problem has beeen solved. Really, I could not have picked a better product. I believe it will work for you too.
Best shave cream in the world. Use very little, and then add water again. Have never cut my head or face in 4 years. One bottle should last you about a year. Except when my wife started using it for her legs. Combined with a Schick Mach 5 , the best and closest shave ever. I saw one review where the person had trouble rinsing the blade, used way too much.
I started using this when I started to shave my head (~2 years ago). I also have the HeadBlade razor that I swear by. It is much better than using Edge or some other face shaving lotion. I have used it for my face in a pinch, but mostly just on my head. I don't like that I cannot buy this in the grocery store, but it is worth ordering. I highly recommend it.

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