HDMI Cable for Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 64 N64, Super Nintendo SNES Console (3-In-1)

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Our Mission StatementTake out the classic consoles and get them set up in the simplest way for modern displays that are omitting old cable hookups.This is an affordable & convenient option to get good video quality when it comes to retro gaming.Go back and experience all the things you missed as a kid: the games, the consoles, the controllers.NOTE: Console Compatibility1. GameCube:(1) Our 3-in-1 HDMI cable can work with US/JP NTSC GameCube.(2) Our 3-in-1 HDMI cable can't work with UK/Euro/Australia PAL GameCube due to the lack of S-Video output.But PAL GameCube can output RGB signals natively, that means our HDMI cable for SNES (www.amazon.com/dp/B07MYX9JLM) also can work well with PAL GameCube.2. N64:(1) Our 3-in-1 HDMI cable can work with US/JP NTSC N64.(2) Our 3-in-1 HDMI cable can work with all charcoal/dark grey UK/Euro/Australia PAL N64, but it can't work with special edition colored and Pokemon PAL N64 consoles due to the lack of S-Video output.3. SNES:Our 3-in-1 HDMI cable can work with all the SNES consoles (001 Model, not 101 Model) no matter of the regions.Manual Adjustment on TVThis cable has been specifically calibrated for GameCube/N64/SNES.However, final output doesn't only depend on the cable quality but the games you are playing and television quality.Try to adjust the backlight, brightness, dynamic setting or other parameters on TV if you want to improve the display more.Maximum Compatibility with Trending DisplaysNative resolution from GameCube/N64/SNES is upscaled to 720P for best matching with current HDMI standard.MicroUSB Cable UsageIncluded MicroUSB cable should be plugged to wipe away image issues and power up if you see the image distortion while gaming or feel the abnormal heat from back of console.So it's recommended.LengthAdapter: 1 ft; HDMI cable: 6 ft; MicroUSB cable: 6 ft.

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English is not my native language, so please excuse if I make some errors.Bought this cable for my Pal-N64 and Pal-SNES. Please note - there is a switch, so you can change the image to 16:9 (please dont do that ) or to 4:3 with some black bars left and right. Everything you need is included, so you dont have to buy a HDMI-cable or other stuff ( of course you should have your own HDMI-TV before ).I am not a technical expert, but I would say you get a 4:3-picture in good/ RGB- quality - surely muchbetter than Composite. You are no longer forced to play your Nintendo-games on your old CRT-TV and so you might save yourself some valuable space.Playing Mario Kart 64 on the N64 and Super Mario World on the SNES I experienced no ( for me noticeble ) lag or bad sound quality.There might be other solutions like the Framemeister or the OSSC which are definetly much more expensive. With thiscable you have ( in my opinion ) an easy to use and affordable solution for you to play Nintendo-games on yourmodern HDMI-TV.P.S: I don't own a Gamecube at the moment .P.P.S: I already use some other cables from the same seller ( Saturn, PSP, Neo-Geo-cd ) - everything works fine without any problems.
 This cable works for the SNES, N64, & Gamecube, however it works best with the N64 & Gamecube because this cable takes the S-Video signal and upscales it. Where as the SNES Cable does the RGB signal,, so if you have an RGB modded N64 or GCN you could use the SNES cable. Most people will not though so the video will show footage from Star Fox 64 & Soul Calibur II show the quality of these cables. Well worth the money, highly recommended!
I bought this cable because it included support for more than just the SNES. But on the GameCube, the picture is very fuzzy and the colors are washed out a bit. There's a distinct difference between the component cables I have and this cable, and to me it's nowhere near worth it on the GameCube. Stick with component cables if you have them. This is not a true HDMI signal converter like the expensive mods out there, this just takes the signal and transfers it to HDMI. The picture quality is quite bad. Metroid Prime and Baten Kaitos were both tested, and there's no comparison...component cables destroy this one in terms of picture quality.

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