Handheld Games Console for Kids Adults – Retro Video Games Consoles 3 inch Screen 168 Classic Games 8 Bit Game Player with AV Cable Can Play on TV (Black) – $25.99

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Retro 168 Handheld Games Console 168 retro classic games in 1 set, let the kids to have happy hours with classic old school games.Just like your old school time. This game device can play when you are outside in the waiting room or boring bus trip or a long flying journey.As well,you can plug &...

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Nostalgic value = ImmenseTime killer = AbsolutelyFun to play = Yes!Game options = 168It's really that simple from an enjoyment perspective. I really like this thing so far. My only beefs with it are as follows:1) High scores are not retained after shutting it off. Unless you plan on leaving it on perpetually, don't expect to see your high scores next time you pick it up.2) The buttons (particularly the A/B/X/Y ones) are smaller than I expected. That said, I'm a big dude with big hands, so I'm sure this is just a personal preference for them to be bigger. They'll be fine for most folks I'd imagine. The smaller buttons also didn't really make it difficult for me to play, but just a tiny bit less comfortable.3) No battery level indicator. There appears to be no way to tell if the battery is running out. That said, I've played it for around 5-6 hours so far without the battery running out, so I figure if you just plug it in when you aren't using it then you shouldn't have any problems.4) Lots of games to choose from, but they seem to be in a random order in the list. I would have expected them to be in the list alphabetically, but they aren't which can make it annoying to find a particular game.5) Screen is harder to see in high sunlight. This didn't really surprise me as it's a common issue with electronics, but I just thought I'd mention it.Overall, I'm happy with this game "console" for what it is, but the annoyances are causing me to give it 4 stars instead of a full 5.
For the price, I wasn't really sure what I was expecting when I ordered this. But after spending some time with this device, I've found that it has an awesome game selection packed into it. All my oldschool favorites like Mario Bros. and Tetris are there along with some pretty fun games I've never played before as well.However, I find that this great selection of games is really held back by the hardware. Some of the hardware, like the battery life, is excellent. Other things, like the speakers, are decent enough for what they need to do. The two biggest letdowns for me are the buttons and the screen. The buttons feel a little cheap but given what this device costs and everything you're getting with it, I'm perfectly fine with that material. The biggest problem with them is a lot of the time they will register quick taps as holds or double or even triple taps, which can be very frustrating in certain games like Tetris where accuracy of piece movement is essential. For the screen, it gets decently bright and is high enough resolution for the types of games you're playing on there but the color on the screen is really off. Everything, particularly the blue and green colors, is oversaturated so much that it just looks off.Now neither of the major problems I listed are the biggest deal breakers, especially if this device is for a kid, but they are things everyone should be aware of before buying this device. While I'm not sure if I'll pick up this thing regularly, I'm sure a kid would be happy to have fun playing all these retro games on this inexpensive device.Pros:-Fantastic game selection-Great battery life-Decent speakersCons:-Very high button sensitivity-Oversaturated screen
So this is exactly what I was expecting based on the description, a very affordable handheld unit that sort of mimics an old Gameboy and lets you play tons of games. It is smaller and much lighter than the original Gameboy which is great. Granted, a good number of the games are not ones you may have heard of, but it's got a lot of great ones including multiple Mario Bros, TMNT and Contra! It's funny, there are more original NES games on here than Gameboy games, but some classics like Tetris are still there. Just wish there was some Zelda games.

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