GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount, Aluminum Alloy Bike Phone Holder with 360° Rotation Adjustable for iPhone X XR Xs 7s 8 Plus, Samsung S7/S6/Note5/4 GPS Mount 4 to 6.5 Inch (Black)

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This Phone holder / phone mount made with 6061 Aluminium Alloy WITH 360 DEGREE ROTATION : No matter you are a serious bicycle rider or like to casually wheel around on a sunny day, it is vital that your cell phone is within reach at all times. Simply adjust and secure your phone in any angle and position. You can set the phone landscape or portrait for easy of viewing, just turn the cradle 90 degree rotation, allowing safe hands-free phone access on the road. Keep your hands on the handlebar.

User reviews

After looking for a phone bike mount I purchased this one because I wanted something that would not snap in half at the first wreck. This is VERY DURABLE!! The negatives are that the clamp that would connect to the handlebars is round, and mine are tapered. Also the tool needed to clamp\unclasp the device is a special Allen wrench with a hole in the middle, I do not like the idea of keeping a Unicorn tool in my bag and being stuck if it gets lost. The final issue is with my phone (Google Pixel 2) in the carrier it turns the volume down while clamped in.Overall a good item if you have an iPhone, round handle bars, and do not mind keeping a unique tool on you for adjustments when needed.
This is a quality product and really easy to set up and use. I have it mounted to my motorcycle right now but I’m going to get another one for my bicycle and quad. My iPhone attaches and detaches in two seconds. The only problem with this item is the security feature, do you need a specialty Allen wrench to attach it to your handlebar. You can’t use a standard Allen wrench to install it, you need to use their specialty Allen wrench and the one they sent me didn’t work so I needed to use my grinder and drill bit to make it work . Now I have to make sure I don’t lose this Allen wrench because I may need to make adjustments once in a while. This is a silly security feature because nobody’s going to try to steal this off my bike. Please fix these Alan wrenches because I’m sure other people have had the same problem I did. But like I said earlier the product is perfect.
I bought 3 of these, one is on my motorcycle, held my Galaxy Note 9 with no issues, and was solid, and secure on my first ride out with it. I took the expressway with no worry what so ever about my phone. highly recommend

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