Greenco Set of 3 Floating U Shelves, White Finish – BEST PRICE: $15.99

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These U shelves are functional and attractive alike. It matches almost every decor and is great for your kitchen, dining room, living room or office. Use it as a practical shelf or to display collectibles, photos etc. or decorative items. It's easy to mount and comes with all necessary mounting...

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When I read the reviews for these shelves, I felt like it was risky taking a chance on them but I must say, in my experience, I had very minimal problems. The package arrived in great condition, no scratches or chips or any other damage. The shelves turned out to be exactly what I hoped for. The only issue I have would be the wall anchors. Cheap quality, not trustworthy if you are planning to place anything breakable on these shelves. I attempted to use one wall anchor, made the hole in the wall, lightly tapped the plastic anchor with a hammer and it began to warp. I could have made the hole larger but even then, I'm not too confident about the stability of these anchors. I ended up using my own that holds 70lbs (I'm not recommending you put anything this heavy on these shelves but I always feel safer using one heck of a sturdy wall anchor than to learn the hard way that I should have used a stronger type). It took a good bit of time measuring out where to properly place the screws to align just right with the holes on the shelves, and I used a level to make sure my friends did not get any good laughs at my expense. When all was said and done, I got the shelves up just right, no major mistakes. They are sturdy, they serve their purpose and for the price they are worth it. While I cannot speak for anyone else, I can say I am quite happy with my purchase and the quality of the shelves. The only reason I give this four stars instead of five is because a lot of people might not have their own wall anchors on hand and I can see how the lesser quality of the included anchors could be frustrating for those folks. But if you are careful with how you insert them, you should probably be just fine.
Most important part: The anchors will rip your drywall to pieces.The item arrived just fine and I was initially impressed with the directions and how easy it was to install. But then I got one of the anchors in the wall....When I attempted to screw the screw into the anchor, the little anchor arms that stick out to the sides tore a hole in my wall because the screw was too big to fit into it. So I had to use one of my own anchors (a bigger one) to get it all to work.Moral of the story, the shelves are nice and cheap enough but do not use their anchors. They will not open to allow the enclosed screw to pass through.
The shelves look so cute now that I have them on the wall. The hardware they come with is pretty terrible so if you want good anchors go to Home Depot and grab some better ones. The ones it comes with are seriously the worst, but not bad enough for me to hate the shelves. The shelves are so cute and I had zero issue with them once I had proper hardware. I use them to keep my vanity area clear.

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