Goutime Stainless Steel Shish Kabob Skewer Rack with Storage Bag, Universal Barbecue BBQ Skewers Holder for Grill – $25.99

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  • The kabob rack prevent your skewers from sticking to the grill and make them turn easily
  • The barbecue skewer holder is suitable for most grills, large ovens and skewers of various size and material
  • The kabob holder appearing in triangular shape with stainless steel, high durability, easy to clean, and have stable structure
  • The shish kabob rack are stacked to minimize needed storage space and come with a bag for easy carry
  • The kebab grill rack measures 14.8 inches long and 1.35 inches wide

User reviews

Worked nicely with the Goutime skewers! My first attempt at koobideh came out much better than I hoped, and I expect this equipment had a lot to do with that.
Bought these for my 1" skewers for grilling Persian Koobideh.At first I made my own using aluminum angles but finally coughed up the money for these since they have the gouges in them to hold the skewer properly and stop it from sliding around.If you don't want to risk burning your meat or having your meat stick to the grill and come off the skewer, you definitely need something like this.A bit pricey for what they are but they will definitely last a long time and worth the investment if you cook Koobideh often.
So here's what you are trying to accomplish with a kabob rack.1) Get the loaded kabob up high enough so that the food doesn't touch the grill2) When I flip the kabob over, hold that position. Don't let it simply flop back to the weighted position.I found this rack had trouble doing either of things well. The stainless is nice, no doubt that's what driving the price up, the workmanship is top notch, just wished the notches and the height of the rack when deployed were better.

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