George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker, Red, GFQ001

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Do you like quesadillas? Of course you do. It’s impossible to resist that warm gooeyness paired with the perfect amount of spice and crunch. Now imagine how awesome they’ll taste hot off the George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker. It creates 10-inch quesadillas packed with your favorite ingredients in just 3-4 minutes! Deep-dish pockets hold loads of cheese, salsa, and meat, and the outer ridge seals everything in for mess-free snacking. Plus, the nonstick cooking surface wipes clean in no time, so you can fill your quesadilla cravings time and time again without the hassle.

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As a George Foreman grill owner, I was happy to find a Quesadilla maker to use for my private chef business.I followed the instructions included and was extremely disappointed with this product!During the first use, I closed the cover and pressed down gently, as instructed, and the top of the Quesadilla maker collapsed!Shards of broken plastic cut my hand and fell into the machine.The top should not be hollow and so thin, as to break when pressed lightly.I do not recommend this product; especially for kids that want to experiment.Very dangerous!
Makes fantastic quesadillas! My only issue with this particular quesadilla maker is that, with regular use, the "George Tough Nonstick Coating for easy cleanup" starts to bubble up and flake off. I have only ever cleaned it with paper towels immediately after each use. I've had this item for a lil over a year and I'm currently shopping for a new one -- probably not a George Foreman. Sorry.
Shocked at the poor quality and workman ship of this item. We had an older, larger George Foreman grill that we only used for making quesadillas believe it or not. We sent that one off with my college son and thought we'd treat ourselves to a new quesadilla maker, since that's all we used the old GF gril for.Right out of the box, I could feel this product was cheap. The latch flopped around and the whole lid wiggled. Thought we'd give it a shot. I made a "test" quesadilla just to get the feel for how this worked, and put a tortilla, a very small handful of cheese sprinkled evenly around, then topped with the other tortilla. I latched it shut and good luck getting that latch open again without burning yourself! Note the instructions say to use a potholder to use the device. Try opening a floppy latch with a doesn't work very well...So I figured, that's ok, we'll give it a shot with some "real" quesadillas...First time making quesadillas and I was shocked at how poorly it performed. We only added a thin layer of refried beans, a couple spoons of green chilis, and a handful of cheese, and the top wouldn't latch, which causes the "front" of the quesadilla to not brown unless you press on the maker, which then spews cheese from the sides of the maker. I'm not exaggerating...the thickness of this quesadilla was no more than 1/4" thick. So forget ever adding sliced meat to a quesadilla in this machine. I bought this one specifically because it advertised "deep-dish pockets hold all your favorite fillings" but that is completely false. The finished product was less than 1/4" thick so very dry...Then cleanup. This machine advertises "easy cleanup" which is also false. Sure, it has non-stick grills, but it also has a small space between the grills and the bottom of the maker where your cheese will flow into when it overflows. You can clean the grills with a damp cloth, but you will need to go digging into this "crevice" with a toothpick to pull out the large chunks of cheese, etc. that will seep into that space. That is not sanitary. I only used cheese, but if I used chicken or other meat, the juices would flow into that space and become a bacteria haven.Sorry George Foreman company. We LOVED our old GF grill and I'm sorry now I gave it to my son. I just ordered a new, regular GF grill, once again to use for quesadillas and I hope this works as well as our old one did. We really enjoyed the quesadillas the old grill would produce...I would not recommend this grill to anyone!BTW...the Amazon Marketplace seller, Mamancita123 is not responsible for my dissatisfaction with this product. I'm hoping they take it back and grant me a full refund, although I am having to spend $10 to ship it back to them...not happy about that since this was only a $30 product, but what can you do?

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