Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5″ GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional Transducer – $102.99

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Following in the success of the STRIKER fishfinder series, Garmin is proud to announce the new STRIKER fishfinders with ClearVü technology. These devices are designed to allow you to mark your favorite fishing spot and easily navigate back to it tomorrow, saving you time and money. STRIKER series fishfinders are available in 3.5-, 5- and 7-inch display sizes. Display resolution: 480 x 320 pixels.

User reviews

Very simple and intuitive interface. It works just as I had hoped. However, there are two points that seem to be glossed over at times. First, this unit has to be connected to a 12 volt power supply such as a car battery or one of those car battery booster type units. So if you plan to use it in a kayak you need to plan for a power source. Second, the screen/keyboard unit is not water resistant at all. If there is a chance of rain or spray you need a ziplock bag or some such to cover the thing.
This is a great fish finder and gps system that I would highly recommend for boaters who travel. I recently used it for the first time on a 10 mile canoe trip and I couldn't be more happy with its performance. I was able to plot my course on a paper map to get the coordinates of each leg, and then add all the waypoint coordinates into the unit the night before creating a route.The next day on the water the gps unit kept track of where I was, how long it would take to get to the next waypoint, and how long it would take to get to the final destination. It also told us our speed which is very valuable for trip planning.I have two boats I use, one is a row boat for fishing where I mounted the transducer on the electric motor propeller, and a canoe where I mounted the transducer in the hull using a foam mounting piece. In both cases the fish finder worked well and I love that I can swap the unit between the two. Note that I use velcro to make the unit swappable between the boats, but permanently mounting it would not be hard at all. The base is very nice and you can adjust it to face any direction.During our trip we were rained on and the garmin had no problems in the rain. It held up very well.If you just need a fish finder for local lakes and you're not traveling in your boat and you don't need to use waypoints, this is probably overkill. But if you're looking for a great gps and fish finder in one, this is a fantastic unit and I highly recommend it.Quick note about my setup, I built a battery box to power my charger but I know there are nice little battery boxes premade available that might be more hardy and compact than the one I built. You will need to explore power options and be able to wire the unit to whatever power source you choose. I like that flexibility.
Hands down best budget fish finder i have ever used. I use it on a job boat and have no complaints. Very accurate in deep/shallow waters as far as i can tell. The amount of detail you can see on color fish finder vs black and white is AMAZING! GPS comes in handy for marking hot spots and marking the dock you used to get in the water so you don't get lost trying to get back. CHIRP is also a game changer. The two things ill never go without again is CHIRP and color! This is a great budget unit.We mounted it to a removable stand to take off boat when not and use and to switch between boats. The stand was a great purchase!!

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