FreeLand Camping Sleeping Bags-3 Seasons Warm & Cold Weather, Lightweight Waterproof for Adults & Kids, Camping Gear Equipment for Traveling & Outdoors – $26.99

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  • 100% Polyester
  • FreeLand backpacking sleeping bags are designed to offer you sound sleep after a full day of outdoor activities. Made from weather-resistant polyester, the camping sleeping bag is soft and extremely durable, keeping you warm even in near-freezing temperatures. Perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking and traveling.
  • Rectangular shape sleeping bag allows plenty of room for both legs and arms to stretch out. Quilting craft keeps insulation fibers in place and stabilizes the insulation. Full size: L86.6'' x W31.5'', Weight: 4.2 Ibs.
  • This sleeping bag for adults features a rounded drawstring hood with extra padding. This allows you to cinch the hood close around your head to keep you warmer on cooler nights.
  • The dual zippers make it easy to open and close the hiking sleeping bag from inside or outside the bag. Two-way zipper lets you open the bag fully into a quilt or camp blanket or unzip just the bottom for ventilation.
  • FreeLand lightweight sleeping bag includes a compressed stuff sack for compact storage and easy transport.

User reviews

This sleeping bad is absolutely perfect for my family. My daughter has already claimed this one, now I’m going to have to pick up another! She used it the first night we got it for a sleep over her and her girl scout friends had and said it was so warm she unzipped the bottom to let her feet hang out. The compression sack that the sleeping bag came with actually works and helps keep the bag small and easily transportable. I like the fact that the zipper on the sleeping bag is red and extra large, easy to find in the dark or even if wearing gloves. I will be picking up more of these for future camping trips!
Ordered this because I needed a new sleeping bag for some camping trips I was taking.PROS:Size. Footprint when stored in the compression sack is minimal. This is especially helpful given my other half requires about 10 times as much stuff as I do and carries about 1/10th of what I have to.Durability. This is huge because of course, you’re using the thing in the woods. The zipper in particular is very well crafted and feels like it would hold up to awkward angles, gloves, snatching and any other abuse offered in the middle of the night when I’m half asleep at my other half’s request.Value. I don’t know that you can beat the price for the quality that you are getting.CONS:Capacity. My other half thinks it’s a little too small for two people. You have to snuggle together. NGL, I almost put this in the PROS section!
Comfy at 30 degrees in my one man tent with no mattress. I pitched my tent over a bed if dry leaves about 6 inches thick before packed down. That, and this sleeping bag was all I had preventing body heat convection into the cold ground (and my clothing, of course). Weather reported 30 degrees that night but I suspect it was a couple degrees colder where I was camped. I can't imagine needing any more than this and a decent 4 season air pad in any PA weather. Definately worth it for the price. That's why I give it 4 stars. It's not the best you can get, but dang good for the price.

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