Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam 300ml (Big Size)

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After 5+ yrs of unrelenting cystic acne, my 30 yr old daughter had reached her limit of trying creams, face washes and scrubs. She and her dermatologist had decided it was time to try accutane, which will clear severe acne, but not without a lot of side effects. She was required to have 2 negative pregnancy tests before starting. I came across a post on an acne website that talked about the chemicals and minerals in hard water causing acne for her daughter. I asked my daughter to try using a shower water filter (as she had acne on her neck, back and chest as well) and this face wash for the 2 months before she started the accutane. I said at this point what do you have to lose? I sent her both via Amazon Prime.I had recently switched to a baking soda and coconut oil face wash, and due to multiple chemical sensitivity went all natural in my products awhile back. My face has never looked better. Since this product line got such great reviews I really just picked it out for her based on those. I don't want to call it miraculous but when she messaged me 2 days ago and said 'since I started using that face wash you sent me, I don't even need to consider going on accutane' I was just dumbfounded! I asked her again today if it was really clearing her face and she said yes! There are some residual red spots and scarring from previous cysts, but nothing new since she started using this.So- thank you reviewers!! You gave me the trust to send this to my daughter, and she is more than happy with this product! After the residual red spots are gone I will post before and after pics. I'm just so happy for her, and she can finally get her confidence back 🙂 As long as this works for her, we will never stop buying it.
I bought this because my pores need the help and I wanted to incorporate it into my skincare regime. Well it works amazing! My husband is always surprised with how smooth my face is after using it. I make sure to lather it in well. It doesn’t take much. I came back from a long flight from Paris recently and I was shocked at how my pores looked when I got home. All that traveling, moving through airports, dry plane air... your skin takes a hit, so I instantly pulled this face wash out and what a difference! I felt so much better instantly. Cleaned the pores right out.
Love this stuff, been using it for years and can not find a comparable product on the shelves in the US.

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