Essential Oil Diffuser, 400ml Remote Control Diffusers for Essential oils, Ultrasonic Humidifier, Aromatherapy Diffusers with 7 Color Changing LED Lights & Waterless Auto-Off (Brown)

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  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches ; 1.28 pounds
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  • UPC: 789371149630
  • Item model number: POLO-01


Dekugaa Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote Control Looking for an easy and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy? Need a way to purify and hydrate the air in your room? Presenting Dekugaa’s Essential Oil Humidifier Our diffuser for essential oils provides you with both the amazing aromatherapy benefits of essential oils while also acting as an effective cool mist humidifier for preventing dry air during the winter months. This is thanks to our essential oil humidifier’s large 500ml water tank which you just fill with fresh water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into. Then just select your preferred mode using the included remote control and our diffuser for essential oils will be able to run for up to 16 continuous hours, plenty of time to last throughout the night or until you turn it off. The included remote control for our aromatherapy essential oil diffuser allows you to change the misting mode, set the time for the humidifier. Plus, the remote can control the aromatherapy diffuser from up to 16.5 feet away. Also the mist and light functions work separately, you can easily turn off the light function but leave the mist working when sleeping. No matter which function you’re using, our oil diffuser’s stylish wood-grain case makes it fantastic piece of home décor for any room. Need more reasons to choose us? Great for ensuring your lips and skin don’t dry out and fights against colds and the flu Looks amazing in your office, bedroom, baby’s room, yoga classes, or any other place where you want to prevent dry air and enjoy relaxing aromatherapy Made with 100% safe and durable PP plastic, the same material used in most baby bottles Makes for a fantastic Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or Birthday gift Keep your air humid and smelling fresh with our Essential Oil Diffuser, today!

User reviews

 I really love this product. A cute addition to my house. The product looks very classy with a nice wood finish. It creates a great ambience in terms of both aroma and lighting. The build quality is solid and sturdy. It comes with the diffuser, an adapter, a measuring cup, and a remote. The soft ambient light is really beautiful. You can set it to changing colors or you can choose a constant color using the remote. The diffuser can be turned on with or without a timer option. I set it to turn off at 1 hour and it works perfectly fine. You also have an option to choose between continuous mist and intermittent mist. I have posted step by step pictures of the package contents, and the setup along with a short video of color changing ambient lights.
I have been really excited for this product as I had been constantly refreshing my amazon page to see when the product would arrive! To my excitement I quickly unboxed the diffuser and placed it on my desk! My initial observations of the product has been great as I’ve tried so many diffusers in the past and never was impressed as either they were over priced or just took up too much space being overly aesthetic and huge with a small tank size where I have limited desk space. This is why I really liked this product as it’s responsibly sized with a large tank alongside being priced well! Some of my initial thoughts is that this device is the quietest diffuser I have ever used it has no annoying drip noise nor a loud motor. It even produces a large amount of mist that quickly fills a room. I was also really impressed that it came with a controller as I had tried smart diffusers in the past and found it annoying to rely on a WiFi network to activate my diffuser rather than using a simple controller. My favorite part about the device is that the LEDS on it are not extremely bright where you will loose sleep at night rather a very nice faint glow that blends nicely in the room!If you could vote helpful on the review it would be much appreciated as I would like to do a one month update so others curious about long term use could learn from my experience as I would have appreciated during my search for a good diffuser at a reasonable price!
I absolutely love the features that come with this oil diffuser. I have 2 others in my home that are much simpler and not as customizable. This diffuser has intermittent feature that allows you to have it on constantly until it runs out of water. Basically it turns on the mist in short spurts. I love that it keeps a room from getting overly concentrated with a scent. This is also the first diffuser I bought that came with a remote. You can choose from multiple different colored light settings, there's red, blues, greens, purple, pink, etc. or you can run it with the light off. There is no 'rainbow' setting though that runs all the colors which one of my other diffusers have. This is a great diffuser, in my opinion, for the price.

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