ECCOSOPHY Microfiber Beach Towel – Quick Dry Pool Towels 71×35 inches Oversized Travel Towel – Lightweight Compact Beach Accessories – Large Sand Free Micro Fiber Beach Towels (Fiji) – $25.99

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  • ☀️ OWN THE BEACH with these stunning 2 sided beach towels . Their vibrant modern prints will impress. These Sand Proof Beach Blankets come in a Mesh Travel Pouch for easy carrying & Hanging loop for Quick Drying. Cool Stuff that makes life easy!
  • ☀️ PHEW! FINALLY A TOWEL THAT DRIES FAST! Microfiber is a thin lightweight material that is ultra absorbent but engineered to dry 3 x faster then regular towels.
  • ☀️ This Fun Travel Towel is an essential vacation accessory. Packs small & easily fits in beach/cruise/hiking/camping gear. Not going far but need a towel for the Pool/Yoga/ sports event? Look no further, simply chose one of these FUN-TASTIC designs & Enjoy!
  • ☀️ A MICROFIBER BEACH TOWEL you can gift for any occasion. Its the perfect gift for women. A useful gift for athletes, gym goers & Yoga lovers. Its a must have for those vacationing on a cruise ship. Its ideal for backpacking hikers & camping expeditions. And for everyone who loves to chill by the poolside or the seaside.
  • 🇺🇲 Proudly designed in the USA & Compact enough to Travel around the World! Buy with Confidence.

User reviews

Colors are bright & design is beautiful! This is the first microfiber beach towel I’ve purchased & here is what I want to share: it is nothing like a cotton towel! So don’t expect fluffy. The feeling is very different. It is a thin material, very soft & smooth to touch. It is lightweight & compact & very easy to put back into its carry case(which is so convenient). I was mostly impressed with how quickly it dries. This Quick dry feature, is the reason I purchased this type of towel in the first place. My son is a competitive swimmer & at swim meets we go through several towels. In the past I carried large cotton towels which were bulky & heavy when wet! I am now going to switch out all the cotton ones for microfiber, because this towel has made my life a lot easier! These are so beautiful I will also use them for gifts!
I bought two of these "towels," in different prints, ultimately for travel use ... but have been experimenting this week with one to determine whether I would use it over the long term. I haven't decided whether to return these yet, but my overall impression is that I'm a bit disappointed. On the one hand, the prints and designs are wonderful ... colorful, bright, eye-catching. The "towel" is indeed lightweight and unlikely to take up much (valuable) space in a suitcase or carry-on bag. I would definitely take this somewhere I expected to get wet if I didn't have the space for a towel.The main drawback I've found with this product is that it feels cold and unpleasant against my skin when I'm using it to try to dry off after a workout in the pool or a shower. A traditional towel typically feels pretty neutral, temperature-wise ... when I peel off cold and clingy swim wear, a traditional towel immediately feels warm and soft. By contrast, this "towel" feels unpleasantly cool and a little stiff.I wasn't sure what to expect from the "micro-fiber" description ... over the years, I've come to think of "micro-fiber" as soft and kind of suede-like. This is not that ... the texture is more like that of a smooth sheet, but a little stiffer (possibly from the printing?). Again, the designs are really quite beautiful. The portability is terrific. The functionality as a towel to dry off in or wrap around yourself for warmth is, at least in my opinion, not so great.
Everyone who travels needs this is their carryon. I bought this towels for a trip to a Caribbean all inclusive. They said obtaining a towel can be difficult so I thought I would pack this towel just in case. Needless to say I’ve not only used it as a towel to mark my chair in a sea of beige towels but also as a table cloth and a blanket. I’m buying one for everyone in my family. It fits in a small backpack and I cannot imagine traveling without it.

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