Duco Women’s Classic Star Polarized Sunglasses 100% UV Protection 1220 – $22.00

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  • Lens width: 2.56 inches
  • Bridge: 0.59 inches


  • Polycarbonate frame
  • Tri Acetate Cellulose lens
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 2.56 inches
  • Bridge: 0.59 inches
  • 【FASHION AND FRAME】 It is made of high quality polycarbonate, lightweight but durable, comfortable. Sunglasses have long been associated with celebrities and film actors. DUCO shades are designed unique for you.
  • 【REAL UV400 PROTECTION】 DUCO lenses are engineered to block 100% of all harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers including UVA(320-400 nm),UVB(280-320 nm)and UVC(100-280 nm).
  • 【TAC POLARIZED LENS 】It is made from a special material which is impact and scratch resistance, it will not be broken even if you hit the lens with hammer. It offers a high level of optical clarity, it is 50 times more impact resistant than optical glass.
  • 【DIMENSIONS】Overall Width: 145mm(5.71in), Lens Width: 65mm(2.56in), Lens Height: 52mm(2.04in), Temple Length: 115mm(4.52in), Bridge Width: 15mm(0.59in) .
  • 【30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 】We are not only selling sunglasses but also providing excellent customer service. We promise if you are not happy with DUCO glasses within the first 30 days, we will refund you without any reason . SO NO RISK ON TRY!

User reviews

OMG what a pair of eye saving sunglasses. A few months ago I had a 3 layer corneal detachment in my left eye and my vision slowly decreased to the point of blurry vision and then not being able to see well enough to read at all. The sun just about did me in and my eyes would water and burn tremendously. My ophthalmologist recommended that I begin wearing RGP contacts to improve my vision and to wear sunglasses at all times even when in a bright room and never to go outside without them on. I have always been light sensitive and have worn prescription sunglasses for years so I had no idea what kind of sunglasses to purchase. The contacts made my light sensitivity even worse. After a lengthy discussion with my contact lens care specialist about what to look for in a pair of over the counter sunglasses I went a lookin'. When I found these I printed out the details and went the Dr. for his opinion. Long story short these glasses fulfill the requirements for blocking 100 percent of UV rays. UVA, UVB, UVC and Blue Light. They are Polarized: Polarized lenses cut reflective glare, not UV. They are oversized: Being oversized glasses or wraparound-style glasses, helps cut down on UV entering the eye from the side. The only protection it does not provide is for HEV:over 400nm. HEV Blue Rays have longer wavelengths (than UV) - 400-500 nm. I am so delighted with these sunglasses that today I ordered another pair. Hopefully your purchase will be as satisfactory as mine is.
These DUCO glasses are very high quality: the lenses are clear and sharp and stay that way. I do not baby them -- they get tossed in a compartment in the car sans case, they get thrown in my purse. After a year and a half of constant wear, they are still perfect. I like that they are polarized and that the lenses are large and give good coverage from the sun. Yet, they don't look oversized or silly. They are very classic in their styling. Probably most important to me is that they aren't mirrorized and they do no have that horrible down-reflection that so many sunglasses have, making them really unsafe for driving. I absolutely love these sunglasses.
So my boyfriend bought these for me as a present (among other things) on our anniversary because I love sunglasses and have probably 10 pairs. My favorite color is purple and these are very pretty. Oh and they have like a blue light/UV light protection so when you look at your phone or a screen of any kind its looks holographic which is pretty cool. And they come with a nice hard case to store them in!My only problem with the sunglasses are they are a little tight on my head and will give me a headache if I wear them too long. I guess it's the way they arms dig press above my ears. Also I'm use to wearing bigger frames so these take some getting use to.For a guy that saw these and thought I'd like them, I applaud him. He did a good job.

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