DJI Osmo Mobile 3 – 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer Vlog Youtuber Live Video for iPhone Android

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Osmo mobile 3 is a foldable gimbal for smartphones with intelligent functions providing stable and smooth footage.

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I have an Osmo Mobile 2 which worked well for what I used it for, although the big issue with it was that you were unable to (easily) use an external microphone (in my case a Shure MV88). I had to fashion a solution with a lightning cable extension, cable ties and hockey tape.My main reason for purchasing the Mobile 3 was that it now looks possible to mount the microphone direct. I can confirm that this is the case and it works well. See photo.Amongst other improvements are the ability to switch from portrait to landscape mode with the touch of a button (good for the tik tok generation), better tracking of objects and foldable construction making it easier to pocket.From what I’ve seen so far there is much more movement available and I’m not hitting the extremities of the gimbals movement range as soon as I was with the Mobile 2.For $119; it’s a no brainier upgrade from the Mobile 2
I purchased this to take family videos and was worried my phone (iPhone XR) was to big to fit after reading some other reviews. Well the bottom also pulls out and my iPhone XR with its huge waterproof, shock/drop resistant case fits with room to spare. So there are no issues attaching your iPhone XR to this. Also another thing. This performs as good f not better than advertised. I am more than happy with my purchase. Also I recommend getting the accidental damage when registering your product. It’s good for 2 years and only will cost you a large Big Mac meal (10 buck)
Works GREAT with my Samsung Galaxy S10+. Couldn't be more pleased.

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