DESTEK V5 VR Headset, 110° FOV Eye Protected HD Virtual Reality Headset w/Touch Button/ Trigger for iPhone 11/Pro/X/Xs/Max/XR/8P, for Samsung S20/S10/S9/S8/Note 10/ 9/8/Plus,Phones w/ 5.5-6.8in Screen

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√ 2019 New Released DESTEK V5 VR Headset: Travel through the crisscrossing tracks in the future city, and full of noisy crowds, screaming fellow passengers and airship... Enjoy these adrenaline-inducing roller coaster rides through DESTEK V5 Headset. Compared to V4 headset, DESTEK V5 VR headset...

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 The VR Headset is very comfortable, the price is very affordable and My son loves it. When the unit arrived in the mail, its was pretty easy to set everything up. It took us 5 min and it was ready to use. We checked plenty of VR games and for them they work perfectly. All in all I would recommend this device for everyone. Specially uf you have kids or spare time. You won’t be disappointed especially at its current price! 5 stars!
So far this has performed well. The lens adjustments are invaluable. Pictures are clear and the open sides allow stereo sound from my iPhone 7 even without earphones. The padding against your face is nice, but being someone with a rather large nose I found it uncomfortable as the nose bridge rubber is not very soft. I used the spacer pads that came with it to pad the nose bridge and it now feels much better. Would be nice to have a portal for the camera for augmented reality of the real world. I may drill my own hole for that...The blue lenses let me watch for long periods without eye strain. The top strap alleviates much of the phone weight and the phone stays in place when moving your head.A good value for the price.*** Update ***This company has excellent customer service! After reading about my issue with the nose bridge being uncomfortable, they sent me another version of this model with a different material in the nose piece to try. Much more comfortable as the weight of the phone is now better distributed on the padding above my cheeks and the top head strap. Also had a rubber coated focus wheel on top which is easier to adjust with less effort than the previous model.I didn’t have to ask for the extra headset, pay any sort of shipping or return the original unit, which my wife now uses, as it fits her nose much better. I really like that I can use this with my antigravity case on the phone without issue.Bravo to Destek for going the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction with the product.
Pros- Fantastic quality. I mean, for how much it costs, this thing is made very very well. It comes with a travel pouch and the materials are all extremely nice. The image quality really depends on your phone but its exceptionally clear and you really dont get much of a feeling that you're using a phone's screen while using it.However...Cons- The lens adjustment is not good. Like, at all. You can adjust your phone pretty well within the headset to get the screen lined up perfectly, but the lens adjustment for your eyes just isnt good. Its the only reason why this is a 2-star review and not 5.Basically, the way that it sits on your face (depending on your face type) the picture is out of focus because of how high the lens are in relation to the center of your eyes. Considering the nature of this product, there should have been an adjustment for the lenses to go up and down as well.To counteract the problem, I have to move the headset further down on my face/nose, but then the hard plastic hits my nose and it becomes EXTREMELY uncomfortable to use. I could put padding in the nose area but it would make the problem even worse since the lens would be even higher than it was before.To add to that, the pupil adjustment isnt very well designed either. It doesn't have fine tuning to stay in the same spot as you set it, and I feel as if there could have been a little more room for adjustment.I'm definitely going to see if I can adjust it better to where it doesn't hurt my nose but beyond that major flaw, this is a very nice headset. If it wasnt made so well I would have honestly given this 1 star because of how uncomfortable it is but I'm big on quality and I was very surprised at how nice it was.Update: after further use, I can say that this is truly uncomfortable to use. I have tried adjusting the head straps to have the weight more on my head than my nose but I still have to pull it down to have the lens centered. In addition to that, a lot of apps still dont support the V4 (the V3 is supported) and the adjustment for pupil distance always goes back to to the center after some use and wont stay put so you have to figure out a way to keep it there.Im going to give it one last shot and see if I can do anything else to make this better but it seems like more trouble than its worth at this point.I can't say this won't be a fantastic product for other people, but for me, and my face type (pretty normal) its very uncomfortable to use.TL;DR - Amazing quality and fantastic for the right face type, but absolutely terrible and extremely uncomfortable to use otherwise.

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