CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9′

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  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 11 x 10.5 inches ; 27.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 35.9 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
  • Item model number: 40008


Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Instant 60 Second Setup; Sleeps 9 people; Fits two queen air mattresses; Center Height:78; CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vent; Features room divider and wall storage pockets keep items neat and off the tent floor; Electrical cord access port (port is fully closable when not in use); Includes rain fly, tent stakes, and carry bag

User reviews

I don't normally review too many purchases, but since I did about 6 hours of research and purchased 2 other tents before settling on this one, I hope I can help the next person in their purchase. We needed a tent that would accommodate all of our stuff while camping, (there is only 4 of us, but we tend to bring a lot of stuff) and to keep it dry when the temp changes from warm daytime to cool night time. Condensation is no fun when it makes everything wet in your tent. This tent so far has been pretty good with the ability to vent the damp warm air out and keep things dry inside. I was searching high and low for more pictures online, but could find none. So with writing this review, I will include some. I gave this tent 4 stars for a couple of reasons. For starters, it goes up and comes down very easy! Just as they state, about 60 seconds up and 60 seconds down. Of course, it takes longer if you place a tarp down first, and the rain fly makes it a bit longer, but from past experiences with putting up tents this gets an A+. I find it a little strange that the two center posts do not touch the ground when the tent is up, maybe that will change once it is broken in. Even if it doesn't, its not a big deal. We were rained on the first time we used the tent and had some pretty strong winds. Buying an "instant tent" made me a little nervous, but the tent held up well. It was by no means a monsoon, but I didn't feel like we were going to have problems. The biggest gripe I have about modern day tents is the door zippers. I am not sure who thought 2 zippers on a door meeting up together on the bottom of the tent was a good idea, but it is not. It leaves a substantial hole at the bottom for water to enter, not to mention insects and snakes to find their way in. This tent is no different, the large door on the front has 3 zippers that meet in the center. It is covered by a couple of flaps and Velcroed together (the bottom is not attached to the tent, see pictures). That was the only place we had any water in the tent from leakage, it was most likely less than a tablespoon. The side door zipper is a "D" style door so you can position the zippers higher. I did not mind the two different flaps on the side door, in fact it was kind of nice having a spot for the zippers to rest, we always knew where they were in the dark! Having no awning or vestibule on the tent/rainfly means if you enter or leave the tent in the rain you will get water inside, which did happen to us from the side door (ok maybe not an awning, I saw many collapsed awnings after the storm). I plan on packing a "door mat" for the inside next time just in case. I do like how the rain fly is adjustable so the fly remains taut to the top of the tent. Time will tell if the adjusters stay in one piece!Another area I was a bit concerned with were the windows. There is a large window next to the front doors, as well as the front door windows, that does not zip up on the top. They stay open, which may aid in venting, however I found it a bit odd. We had no water from the windows so it will most likely not be an issue, again time (and harsh weather) will tell. None of the windows open all the way, and there are no "tie ups", but you can tuck the excess in the front to keep it from being in your face while laying down. The zippers for the window are not at the edge of the window, (about an inch and a half, the width of the grey stripe) I suspect because there is no rain fly covering the windows (seems pretty smart to me). The vents on either side of the "back" of the tent are low enough to the ground that it doesn't appear that water will be an issue. The vent flaps must be staked to the ground because there is no way to fasten those to the tent either. Again, not sure how they will be in extremely inclement weather, time will tell. Overall, it seems solidly built and again very easy to pitch. Even with some air remaining inside when putting back in the bag, it fits along with the room divider, the rain fly, 7 heavy duty tent stakes (I added those, not a fan of the thin "wirelike" stakes tents are coming with these days, though the Core stakes are considerably larger diameter than others I have seen), the stakes the tent came with and a 12x9 tarp. I think we can live with the slight imperfections of this tent, just because the good heavily outweighs the bad! I do plan on sealing the tent so I know it will be "water proof". I hope this review helps others, and hope to use this tent for many years to come .
We purchased this tent back at the beginning of June, didn’t get to use it for the first time until the end of July. First time use of it was perfect and we were in love! Great size, was sturdy & kept the rain out. We dried it nicely and packed it up making sure to be careful with all the poles. Everything was fine, in August we went to go use it again. It’s was fine being taken out and when we were stalking the back side down it ripped. I thought it might have been us but there was no tension on the fabric or area around it. It was just tore right at the seam and goes out so much that I didn’t think I could sew it. It sucked but I figured it was no big deal we would contact the company and see what can be done. I emailed customer service 4 times with zero response, I tried calling after getting no email response and waited on hold for 30 minutes before being cut off.It’s shame because we really liked this company, we have one of their chairs and planned on purchasing a smaller 4 person tent and canopy next camping season but I’m surely not now. This was our first instant tent and went with this company due to how good customer service was.I just wouldn’t chance it, this was a very expensive tent and didn’t even last two camping trips and couldn’t even get a response from the company.Update: We never did receive a response from the company or customer service. We decided to get a Coleman Montana this year. Has been great and no issues. Would never buy from this company again.
My family really enjoyed using this tent during a recent camping trip. We have two young children (3 and 2 years old), and have just started taking them on camping outings. This tent was large enough to support our kid-friendly "glamping" experience near the coast in Northern California. After a two-hour car trip, Mom took the kids to a bathroom break, and in the 10-minutes that they were gone I was able to completely set this tent up myself. (My set up included staking a 16 mil thick, 16' x 10' tarp as a footprint, and staking down the rain cover as well). The tent fit our extra large duffle bag, two cots, and very large queen size blow-up mattress with plenty of room!As others have posted lots of great pics of the tent, I wanted to share a slight modification that I recently made. As the entire top of the tent is made of mesh, we found that it did get a little cold at night due to the cool ocean breeze (with temperatures around 45 degrees fahrenheit). While properly rated sleeping bags are the most important factor for staying warm, I found that a simple addition of two mylar-based tarps would add to the heat retention of the tent. I purchased two 60" x 84" all-weather space blankets with grommets on each corner (available for approximately $18 each here on Amazon), zip-tied small carabiners to each corner (also purchased on Amazon, $13 for 10 carabiners), and placed one space blanket over each cabin side. For under $30, this setup created a nice layer of insulation that is super lightweight and serves as a heat-reflective cover for the tent. (Also, as it goes under the rain flap, doesn't change the look of the tent when fully setup either). Also, because the blankets are so thin, I kept them "installed" on the tent after packing up, and there was no issue with fitting the tent back into the case.This was a great addition to our family camping gear collection, and I would highly recommend purchasing it!

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