Corded Electric Nail Drill Set (File, Buffer, Polisher with 7 bits) –Powerful Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Care Tools for Natural, Acrylic, Gel Nails

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👍【File, Buff, Polish & Shine Nails Quickly & Effortlessly】–> Powerful motor with a Max RPM=20,000 turns/min, this nail care set effectively files nails into desired shape, buffs away ridges, spots, discoloration & smooth nail surface, polishes nails to restore their natural luster in minutes. NOT Rechargeable; Must be plugged in during use (a 100-240V AC adapter included); ❤️【Advanced Safety & Smart Features】–> The Efile Nail Machine is built-in with adjustable 5 Speeds that must have a speed works for you; Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Bi-directional Rotation for Right or Left handed users; Low Noise and Vibration for a smooth and long-time operation; An LED light brightens view for a precise filing and polishing. Light weight with a comfortable grip.; 💅【Nail Salon-Quality Grooming Results】–> This Grooming Kit help you File thick fingernails and toenails, Push Cuticles, Trim Ingrown Nails, Smooth Ridges and Corns, Polish and Shine Nails, Remove Calluses and Hard Skin on Feet achieving professional salon-quality pedicure and manicure results at home.; 💎【Premium Long-Lasting Nail Bits】- 7 interchangeable attachments are made from Sapphire-Coated Stainless Steel for Maximum Performance and Durability containing: 1 cuticle pusher, 1 ingrown nails remover, 1 nail file, 1 nail ridge buffer, 1 callus or hard skin remover, 1 corn trimmer, 1 nail polisher. They are tested thicker and last longer than other brands. 7 Replacement bits can be found at; 🎁【Must-Have Nail Care Tools】- Make your fingernails and toenails well groomed and natural shine! No matter you like the natural glowing naked nails or get your nails ready before applying nail polish, this is the nail efile machine for you. 👩‍👧A Great Mani & Pedi Gift for Elderly.

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As a busy mom, I do not have the luxury time to visit a nail salon regularly. I finally bought care me nail drill to file, buff, polish, shine my nails at home. Below are what I have found:Pros:1. Lightweight anf fit perfectly in my hand.2. Motor is strong and gradually transits between 5 power settings for all my needs.3. Bright light at the tip to help me see what I am working on.4. The cord is long enough so that I do not have to be close to a wall socket.5. The nail machine did not get very hot after running for 30 minutes.Cons: The 7 attachments are hidden underneath the skin packing. I thought the package was missing these parts.With this manicure kit, I will never pay for another manicure or pedicure! It gives me a professional result on my own time as if I had gone to the nail salon.
I purchased Care me manicure and pedicure set for my mom. According to her, this electric nail drill does exactly what it says. She has used the machine to trim, shape and smooth the thick toenails with rough uneven surface as her hand grip is getting too weak to be able to cut the nails with a heavy duty nail clipper. She also used the callus sander to remove corns, calluses and hard skin on the feet. She is very impressed with the professional salon quality results. Her nails look nice and smooth and her foot skin is soft and smooth like they have been professionally done at a nail salon. This quality and nice nail care kit with a pouch is a perfect gift for anyone looking to perform manicures and pedicures at home.
MAKE SURE YOU TAKE OUT EVERYTHING as all the nail attachments are UNDER the nail drill in the pouch! I nearly returned mine because I missed them! All in one kit does everything that I need. It saves me a great deal of time filing, shaping and shining my nails than nail files and emery boards. Highly usable nail bits. It works like a charm! Definitely recommend for nail techs and people who want to do their own nails at home. The nail machine is exactly as described and it works amazing! Look forward to using it for a long time.

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