Colossal Foot Rasp Foot File and Callus Remover, Best Foot Care Pedicure Metal Surface Tool to Remove Hard Skin, Can be Used on Both Wet and Dry Feet, Surgical Grade Stainless Steel File – $15.95

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  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches ; 3.2 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 4.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Item model number: RRFSHZ1


Perfect solution for dry ,calloused and cracked heels which gives soft fancy feet with little effort; Large yet light weight design allows you to work with ease and gives quick amazing smoothness; Gives equally good results on both dry and wet foot surfaces that allows the user to work according...

User reviews

Alright y'all, this ain't your basic foot rasp. If you have mild calluses, I really suggest you look elsewhere. However, if you, like me, basically have hooves for heels, then this may be you new holy grail of extraneous foot skin removal.A word of warning -- this thing will take off the tips of your toes if you're not careful. I nicked my pinky toes twice before I figured out how to NOT do that. But the bloodshed aside, after I learned how to wield this mighty weapon, I've been unafraid to wear flip flops since. That's HUGE for me. I have nasty feet. NASTY. Calluses, fissures, you named it. I've had 'em all. And now they're all gone, thanks to this gigantic foot grater.It's easy to use: take a shower, put a little liquid lotion (or shampoo or condition) on the rasp, apply to feet. Very little pressure is needed. You may need to try a few different angles so you don't accidentally grind off the skin you want to keep. This thing works quickly, so stop while you're ahead -- it's possible to, without even realizing it, work your way down to very delicate layers of skin that shouldn't be walked on.So I hope you get the idea. Minor foot issues? Don't buy this. Scaly, nasty hobbit-feet? This is the cheese grater for you. It'll change your life. Or just your feet. Or both!
AMAZING!!! seriously beyond impressed with this product. I've never had dry or cracked heels until recently and I've tried everything I could find to get rid of them! This is all u need!!! Just check out the before and after. I literally opened the box and did this in less than a minute ! I'll never use anything else! Even better than professional pedicures!!!
I suffered from the most severely painful cracked feet for over 30 years. Like many that suffer from this condition – I've tried every dang option, medical and homeopathic do it yourself conjuring I could think of. All of which ended up not working and seemed I would be doomed to live out the rest of my life dealing severely painful cracked feet. Not to mention the wearing of socks at the beach, scratching the wife with the heals and the kids asking if I was dying due to the way my feet looked – no joke!That is until I found and tried the Colossal Foot Rasp from Rikans. Not only did it work, but it REALLY worked! I could not believe how much this foot file does its job in getting through the dry, dead and callused skin. Don't believe me, take a look at the before and after pictures I included as they will speak for themselves.Words of advice:#1. Take your time the first time through using this. It works very well and takes off a lot of skin more so than you think. Go slow and watch the dead skin fall away. Soon you will see new and healthy skin start to appear.#2. Find a great foot repair cream that specializes in re-moisturizing and combating cracked dry heals. I used O'Keeffe's Healthy Foot Cream and that is the second part to the overall success of curing my severely cracked heals.#3. Keep feet moisturized and keep applying lotion daily. Small price to pay but worth it to never have the feet I had ever again!.Hope this review finds its way to those that dealt with feet and heals like I had. You don't have to live with it as this product will do wonders if used correctly.

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