COLOR WOW Dream Coat for Curly Hair, Miracle Moisture Mist for Perfect Frizz-Free Curls, 6.7 Fl Oz

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Maybe this works great for people with super curly hair, but I have wavy hair that I like to wear on the curlier side so I thought I'd give this a try. Not only did my hair look straighter than it usually does, it was also incredibly dry. I tried it three times, because I kept thinking there is no way it's this product that is making my hair dry. Yup. It was this product. Like I said, I can't speak for the super curly girls, but if your hair falls on the wavier side of curly, save your money. I just threw mine away.
Okay...I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.When my curls rock...they ROCK. When they don't, I look like cousin it. It's either all the way or NO GO. And to top it off, I'm a low-maintenance girl with high-maintenance hair.For the past three years, I've been a "plopper". I wash my hair at night, load it with gel for curls and gobs of mousse, and put it up in a tee shirt to sleep on it. In the morning, I hit it with the diffuser for about 10 mins to finish drying. Most of the time, I had good results, but I'm noticing my hair is changing - probably due to the damn grey hairs. It's harder and harder to get good curls. I'm also tired of putting tons of product in my hair, especially since the results aren't great as much anymore. Just feels so HEAVY.Someone recommended Color Wow, but she does not have curly hair. She bought the other one and raved over it. I thought I'd give it a try.Last night I shampoo'd really well , conditioned, and rinsed really well. Squeezed out the moisture. I started spraying this product, which looked, felt, and smelled like WATER into my hair at a heavy volume. I twisted sections of my hair into spirals and put it up in the shirt to sleep. This morning, I let it down, and gently diffused the rest of the moisture out on low speed and temp.I'm frizzy.No definition, no shine. FRIZZ. My hair has that "flyaway" feel that I just simply can't stand when it's frizzy.$25?Okay, I want to give the product the benefit of the doubt and assume I did something wrong. Please give input. I so want to believe this works.
I have type 2C waves/curls and this did absolutely NOTHING for me. I have products that have cost me under 5 dollars that have done more than this has. This product does nothing for curly hair and is certainly NOT going to replace you leave-in-conditioner, oils, or curl creams. Whoever made this knows NOTHING about curly hair. And to top it all off the spray is not even a mist, it's an uneven, weak stream. Please do not waste your money on this product.

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