CO-Z 15L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer Digital for Cleaning Jewelry Glasses Watch Small Parts Circuit Board Instrument, Commercial Electric Ultrasound Clean Machine(110V) – BEST PRICE: $229.99

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We are using this for cleaning Musical Instrument parts such as Silver Plated Brass Mouthpieces, Plastic & Hard Rubber Woodwind Mouthpieces, Silver Plated and/or Lacquer coated Brass Musical Instrument parts. The unit arrived quickly and was packed adequately. Set-up was quick and easy. We added a brass fitting to the drain to attach a clear vinyl drain hose since this unit is being used on a counter top. This is our findings after using it for a month about a few hours each day.The settings for the temperature are in Celsius so many will have to convert temperature accordingly. It does take a lot of time (30+ minutes), to heat up the solution (40 C), so plan accordingly if your cleaning requires heat. Conversely, if you are doing several batches of cleaning, be careful about the unit going over the set temperature, (according to the read out on the panel). We've turned it off in between uses to avoid burning out the heating element.The capacity is about 2-1/2 gallons but depending on the volume of the items you are cleaning, you don't need to fill it completely. A benefit I didn't realize with the shape of the tank is when a cleaning cycle is finished, you can pull the basket up and turn it 90 degrees and place it on the ledge to allow all the cleaning fluid to drain out before rinsing off the items.The cleaning power of this unit seems to be adequate for general use. Longer or repeated cleaning periods may be necessary for some items. It is dependent upon the severity of the items to be cleaned and what solution you use. We are going after calcified deposits inside brass tubes and have experimented with a few different solutions. So far, our best results have been with a mix of White Vinegar, Baking Soda and Sea Salt. Another good cleaning solution is a dilution of Simple Green HD and Dawn Ultra Dish Detergent. Both of these have worked well being heated between 35-45 degrees Celsius at 10-15 cleaning times.While some reviews complained about the noise level, being that this is used in a shop area, we did not find it overly loud. With the lid on, the sound was slightly lower and it helps retain the heat inside to aid in the cleaning. You will not be able to have a conversation on a phone near it as the Ultrasonic waves cancels out most microphones but standing and few feet away will solve this.Draining the unit and changing fluid. As previously mentioned, we added a brass hose fitting and a large clear vinyl tube to drain into a 3 gallon bucket. The unit will have to be tilted towards the drain to remove all the fluid. A towel to wipe down the tank clean and an occasional use of a Stainless Steel Cleaner / Polish like Sprayway helps keep everything neat and water spot free. (We have HARD Water)Lastly, the issue about the power switch on the backside of the unit. It is a minor inconvenience but somewhat of a safety as well. It forces you to keep the immediate area around the unit clear, which helps with the airflow ventilation around the unit. (It does get warm). Also, if you spill fluid while removing the basket or items you are cleaning, you are less likely to spill on the backside since you are pulling items towards you in the front.General Impression is that we are pleased with the unit and hope that it will last for a while. For the size of the unit, it will clean most items well but could use more powerful transducers to create stronger cavitation bubbles and heat up quicker. For the price, it is hard to beat and should serve the average user well.
I bought this ultrasonic parts cleaner in June of 2018. It was used lightly for 1.5 years. The unit did work well during this time though it takes a while for the large amount of water to heat up hot. The vibration is strong and it generally cleans dirty automotive parts well in hot water within 30 minutes.Today, 1.5 years later, the machine died. The fuse wasn't blown but the front panel went dark and it no longer works at all. I reached out to the company and was told it had a one year warranty.I lowered my score of this product to 2 stars as I really think you should get more than 1.5 years out of a $250 tool. If this machine had been used 8 hours a day for 1.5 years, I may be ok with it dying so early. However, I didn't use it but one day a week for maybe 5 hours a day. Overall I'm disappointed with the quality of this product.
This bad boy doesnt fool around. Ive used it to clean out disgusting brass that I picked up on the range and weber carburetor bodies and parts that coming out looking new. Wish it were large enough to put engine blocks in.

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