BLU G9 Pro -6.3” Full HD Smartphone with Triple Main Camera, 128GB+4GB RAM -Nightfall – $199.99

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The G9 Pro makes a loud statement as how far the BLU Brand has come with its ever-gorgeous Twilight pattern design. With a premium glass Black cover that is both elegant and nice metallic middle housing, The G9 Pro is a one above the rest.

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Context -- I'm old, crotchety, cheap, and don't take selfies.This is a fantastic phone and a fantastic value. Upon unboxing, I was struck at how nice it looks. It appears high end. Also, the extras in the box were a pleasant surprise. Now I always buy cheap, so maybe this is more standard than I know. First off, 3.5mm headphones. Hey, you have the jack, might as well. Then I noticed it came with a cheap, clear case. Yay! Free! I don't have to buy a case. Then I noticed it came with a screen protector! Hey! Don't have to buy one of those either! Too easy. $200 all-in for a phone, case, screen protector, and headphones.Set-up and transferring apps/info was easy peasy. Phone is quick, responsive, and I like the particular feel of this phone's haptic feedback. I was switching over to T-Mobile (U.S. customer) and was concerned that this phone does not support all T-Mobile 4G bands. T-Mobile 4G is covered on bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, 71. This phone does not support 66 and 71. 4 out of 6 is apparently good enough. I'm in a city and have yet to be without 4G LTE coverage. Also took a trip up and down the east coast this weekend and those missing bands didn't seem to be an issue at all.As for the phone's specs, it simply can't be beat at this price. I wanted a phone with lots of memory (128 gb, check), snappy performance (good chip and 4 gb ram, check), and decent battery life (4000 mAh battery when most phones in this price range have a 3000 mAh, so check). So far, it performs great. No issues, no hiccups, no slowdown.The biggest con of this phone is the lack of NFC, but I don't care. I also don't care about the gimmicky three camera set up, nor do I buy the marketing ploy that the three cameras can form a Voltron-style 96 mb camera. Next time, Blu, one camera (or two cameras at most if you just can't help yourself) and add NFC. I'd also like it to be waterproof but I mean, it's $200. I'd love if it printed money and gave me back massages, but at this price I'm all good.Ultimately it's a smart phone and it does what a smart phone is supposed to do without any issues. And I have never been able to say that about any other phone I've owned. You won't find a better phone at this price. You probably won't find a better phone for twice the price.
First off, it only comes with June Security Patches and does not have any newer via OTA. Comes loaded with typical Blu bloatware. Camera is okay but could refinement. Being disabled I like phone camera's that require little or no manipulation except for zooming in our out. Pixels, Samsung's and even iPhone's have this feature but we are talking about a $200.00 phone so I am not going to harp much. The only thing that I am complain about is Blu in general, their customer service is probably the worst as well as their reputation for updates = NEVER and making promises that they NEVER deliver. The quality of the build is good for $200.00, the fingerprint reader could be faster but works, the annoying startup sound cannot be disabled, On the technical side the APN settings for AT&T are incorrect so you need to go in and modify, the phone is meant for a basic user not a power user. The 4gb is ok but runs out fast if you have more than 2 or 3 applications running – Outlook, Chrome and Word open at the same time tend to freeze up the phone requiring a hard restart. Play store tends to choke when loading but catches up – no it is not my internet connection for those who ask. The P60 chip does decent for basic gaming but don’t try anything heavy on it. Screen brightness when outdoors is bad, I mean really bad, you can barely read the screen. Bluetooth connect of to headphones and smartwatches but still has problems with newer cars, tends to drop and reconnect a lot. I am not a big face of the facial unlock and its decent but nothing like Samsung or Apples. Charging is good but tends to be slower than advertised both on wired and wireless charging. Sound is a bit tinny, the mic is ok but some improvements there are needed as well. If you want a phone for basic usage and looks cool then for 200 you cant go wrong but if you’re a bit more advanced and use it for more than basic functions I would opt for something better suited for heavy application uses.
Constantly pushing out new models when they can't keep up with support for the models that are already on the market. They block anyone who speaks critically of them on social media and their only response to said criticism is some variation of "It's on the way." Google finished Android 10 and Blu has phones that don't even have Android 9 yet. Most recent security patch by Google was released a couple of days ago. Blu is several months behind on that too. The phone is ok but customer service and product support are absolutely horrendous.

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