Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather Sandal

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Birkenstock Arizona SFB BF [Desert Sol Camouflage Brown] Outer material synthetic lining leather sole synthetic footbed made of natural cork soft bed lettering narrow width made in Germany

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First of all Birkenstocks no longer sells through amazon. With that said I have been wearing birkenstocks for 25 years. I fell in love with them in high school and never stopped loving them. Then they started doing the soft bed and my love grew so much stronger. Like walking on a pillow.Which is why I was stumped when I received these. Yes, they look like birkenstocks. But they just don't fit like them. I paid $30 extra for those soft beds. Except these were not soft. They were also more dry than other birkenstocks. It prevented them from properly molding to my foot. I have 4 other pairs that do not have the soft bed but after a week of wear are a perfect fit. Not so with these. In fact, my back started reacting to the stress of standing on them after 30 minute intervals. I bought them to help my foot health and they just made it bad.I kept telling myself it was in my head. I went shopping last weekend at a comfort shoe store. Just for kicks I tried on some soft bed birkenstocks. It was like walking on clouds. I was reminded why I love birkenstocks. The shoe that was sold to me on amazon is not a birkenstock. It is not a soft bed. I feel that I have been scammed with this product and I hope that Amazon stops selling products that have no integrity.
With so many retailers, I do wonder if you're getting genuine products and not a knock-off. When these arrived, I noticed that whatever seal was over the cork wasn't fully and evenly applied across the entire sandal. I've bought Birkenstocks before so I was a little concerned.After wearing these for about a month, I already noticed bits and pieces had fallen off. A couple of weeks later, there was a broken line across the cork and it was only got worst at a faster rate. In short, after wearing it on and off for less than 2 months, it looked worst than my 4 year old Birkenstocks that I replaced with these. Furthermore, the layer on the footbed itself start peeling back on itself.I tried reaching out to Birkenstock and they will have nothing to do with this purchase since it was made on Amazon. I'd like to believe this is a bad pair and not representative of the company's product nowadays, but it is quite disappointing to have spent the money on this.
Birkenstocks never disappoint! I wear a ladies’ size 7 and I now have three pairs of sandals in 38, they fit me perfectly. (I have narrow feet, so I did purchase the 38 narrow size.) These copper colored Arizonas are gorgeous and were definitely worth the splurge. My only advice is that if you get them make sure you know how you want them to fit… snug or on the looser side. They will stretch and the buckles will leave a mark on the leather. I wish I had kept the straps tighter and had let them stretch. At first I thought I had them too tight so I wore them looser. They got too loose for my liking and when made them tighter, I noticed the buckles had already marked the leather and now I can’t do anything about it.

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