Bella Marie Women’s Strappy Open Toe Block Heel Sandal

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Features: Dress sandal featuring closed heel cup with adjustable ankle strap and covered block heel

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I waited to write a review until I wore them for the day so I could help give an accurate idea of what to expect from this shoe. First off the heel is great. It's small and chunky, making all day wear possible. They are actually pretty comfortable shoes and very easy to walk in. I love the color and I can say it's close to size  (I ordered tan in a size 10, normally wear a 9.5 faithfully but the ten fit perfect) plus the ankle strap gives these sandals a touch of sexy without going overboard. My ONLY complaint is that the back part rubs against your ankle non stop but a bandaid helps that. But don't let that stop you from buying this product. These shoes are cute, classy, and go with everything from jeans to dresses. I plan to buy more in different colors. Hopefully this helps anyone else on the fence- I'm not a fan of small heels as I figured i would look childish but these shoes sure proved me wrong. I love em !
I never have been able to walk in heels, so forget about even thinking of wearing them for an entire day. A combination of the lack of coordination, flat, wide feet, and Plantars Fasciitis basically made me think I was doomed to be in flats for the rest of my life. But with people raving on about how amazing chunky/block heels, I decided I'd give them a try. These shoes are AMAZING. They aren't too high so I can actually walk and the thick heel provides a nice stability to it. For me, the size fit true to the size of any other shoe I wear. The strap around my ankle fit one, but the other was a little snug so I added another hole, which there was room for and it isn't noticeable at all. The shoe seems to be made well as I haven't had any issues of being uncomfortable from the sole of the shoe were the fabric meets the squishier part, and the back of the shoe doesn't rub on my ankle like I was worried about. I've warn these shoes all week for, which is on a college campus and requires me to walk to many different buildings in the course of the day, and these shoes handled it like a boss. It felt like I was wearing my flats. AND, for me, I don't like bringing a ton of attention to myself when I'm in a hallway with the loud clicking of heels - these have a rubbery bottom so they don't make a ton of noise which I love. I am a pasty white girl and bought the Dusty Rose color, which looks more like a nude skin tone for me. I'm a big girl, so if my fat ass with pasty, wide, flat feet and Plantars Fasciitis can rock these without any kind of issue or complaint, I am very confident in recommending these to everyone. And the price! Don't even get me started. For what they are, you can't beat it!
The shoes fit fine. I ordered a half size up and they fit perfect perfect. What’s absurd is that I bought these earlier this week, received them earlier today, have not worn them, and this is what I got. Two dark stains on these shoes. As you can see, they still have the sticker and have no wear on the bottom. I’m so disappointed and all I was offered was to reorder them and return these. Why would I trust a company AGAIN with shoes that come looking pre worn? I don’t know what to do, but I’m not wasting my time sending them back and paying for shipping just to get another dirty pair. Ridiculous and disappointing.

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