BAMEOS Floating Shelf ,Wall Shelf,Decor Wall Mounted Shelves ,Hanging Shelf Set L24xW6 for Bathroom Kitchen Living ,Kitchen,Room Bedroom Storage,Black – BEST PRICE: $33.99

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  • 【Concealed support & simple installation】 The support design that extends into the shelf is strong and can hide the bracket well, achieving a simple and beautiful decorative effect. Moreover, the installation is very simple. The parts and installation instructions for installation are included with the package. The installation can be completed in as short as 15 minutes as long as the order of the instructions is followed.
  • 【Minimalist style】 The minimalist design wall shelf full of modern styles, flat and solid shelves with black finish, can perfectly match any style of walls and rooms. Whether you want to display decoration or increase storage space, this minimalist wall shelf can meet your needs and add beauty to your life.
  • 【Multifunctional and multi-scene】 5.7*23.6*1.5inch size, perfect for various scenes. Installed in the living room, so that the wall next to the TV is no longer monotonous. Installed in the bathroom, perfect storage of towels, aromatherapy, and other items. It is especially suitable to be placed in the study room. The horizontally elongated board has a strong storage capacity. For reading enthusiasts, the wall can also become a rare book collection space.
  • 【Convenient to wipe and easy to maintain】 Matte surface (lightly textured finish), coupled with odorless,tasteless safety coating on the surface, the performance is perfect, so it is very simple to wipe and maintain, just use wet Wipe with paper towels or towels to remove most of the stains. (It is best to wipe dry after scrubbing)
  • 【Sturdy and reliable material】This wall shelf is made of sturdy medium-density fiberboard (Artificial wood). The BAMEOS wall shelf not only has a flat surface and a stable structure, but also has a fixing screw at the bottom to fix the shelf on the support rod, which solves the problem of sliding and is not easy to damage, and can be used for a long time. The shelf can hold up to 22lbs.

User reviews

Great little set of floating shelves. Made from a painted pressed cardboard shell that fits over a metal frame that anchors to the wall. Comes with a set of anchors so no need to attach to studs. 2 set screws that attach under the shelf keep it from sliding off the frame. Once installed the screws will be visible from underneath as shown in my pictures. Make sure you don’t install the frame upside down or the holes will be on top! Shelves are lightweight so I wouldn’t use them for anything extremely heavy. Great for small items. 5.7” x 23.6”x 1.5”.
Hung these on either side of my desk. Wanted something that didn't stick out too much, but was still sturdy. Mostly decorative and not for filling with heavy items and large books. Fits paperbacks prefecture m very happy so far.Needed two people for installation and leveling was difficult, but it was ok.
I've ordered many different types of shelves from Amazon and have never had any issues with quality until this one. The box was in perfect condition but a corner of the shelf still managed to arrive chipped. Due to COVID I've been limiting my contact with people so decided it would be best to try to salvage the shelf the best I could instead of going out in public and returning it. I luckily managed to somewhat fix the broken corner with some air dry clay and black paint but am still highly disappointed in the product itself.

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