AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade 2.64 oz, 2 Count

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Make Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade part of your morning routine to defy bed-head and give you hold without crusty, crunchy hair. It’s specifically formulated to tame unruly hair and combat daily poof, leaving your hair polished and not wet like some products. Give your hair medium hold and a finishing shine with Axe Clean Cut Look Pomade. With a little of this Axe Clean Cut Look Classic pomade, you can add some refined control to your hair. Start with a fingertip amount of product and mix it between your fingers. Next, rake it through your hair and then use a comb to create that perfect look. You can create a variety of hairstyles, whether you're going for a modern look, a retro do, or something in between. This hair pomade for men works best on short and mid-length hairstyles and helps you create the look you want easily. Use as part of an Axe hair care regimen, along with Axe shampoo and conditioners designed specifically for men. Whether it be Apollo Shampoo and Conditioner or Total Fresh 3 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner and Bodywash, Axe has the perfect products for any guys grooming routine. Find Your Magic with Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade | Perfect Control. Immaculately.

User reviews

Seriously did not like this product even though I really wanted to. It made my hair look and feel really greasy and left lots of white residue flakes in my hair. The only positive thing was that it smelled good. Note: My hair is really thick so I always need a good pomade/gel to make it look clean cut and put together without the strong hold and this was not it. Tried it for about 2 weeks with different combinations because maybe I wasn using it right. Tried it with wet hair, damp hair, dry hair,clean hair, day old hair without washing for a day, and all came out with same results. I resorted back to my Old Spice texturizing paste which I love.
Keeps my hair happy and in place, but still soft, not hard like typical hair products. Not as greasy or shiny as typical pomade. I went through so many hair product before I found this stuff, now I have it on subscription! I need more all the time. My hair feels healthier and my scalp is less dry that with other products. Hands down, the best hair product I've found.
Disappointed the package months before was in a little box including 3 pomade this last time came 1 pomade just by himself. The price suppose to be for 3 pomades apparently for the reviews this is happening for long but because I have this in subscription I didn’t noticed until I receive my.

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